Katie Holmes Relationships: Van Der Beek Admits Surprise About Cruise Marriage, Foxx And Holmes Surprise Next?

Katie Holmes has enjoyed a successful career in the world of film and television since the final season of Dawson’s Creek wrapped over a decade ago. The actress has also had some ups and downs in her personal life, immediately falling for one of Hollywood’s most notable actors, Tom Cruise, and after a whirlwind romance, she married the Top Gun star.

There have been ongoing claims that Cruise’s devout faith in Scientology caused Holmes to say her goodbyes to Cruise after six years of marriage, but not before they welcomed their daughter, Suri Cruise, into the world. Holmes has since been the subject of claims about a supposed contract that Cruise had her abide by. She has also been in the spotlight for a supposed secretive romance with actor Jamie Foxx.

There is no question that Katie has managed to keep an element of mystery that likely causes her to be an intriguing subject in the media, and even former co-stars admit that Holmes surprised them with her choices since Dawson’s Creek came to an end.

James Van Der Beek, who played Dawson on the hit teen drama, admits that he was taken by surprise when the raven-haired beauty tied the knot with superstar Tom Cruise. The 40-year-old star of What Would Diplo Do? revealed his thoughts at the time about Holmes and Cruise’s nuptials when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live.

Us Weekly sums up the brief response to Cohen’s question about TomKat.

“As always, Dawson is just being honest. James Van Der Beek admitted that ‘yes’ he was surprised that his Dawson’s Creek costar Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise…”

Additionally, Dawson’s Creek alum Busy Phillips shared in 2015 that she and Holmes lost touch following their weddings and that the nuptial exchange between Katie and Tom seemed to happen too swiftly for her to follow. The star relayed how all of a sudden Cruise and Holmes were married and had a daughter.

“I left her several voicemail messages. I just remember when it happened and I was like, ‘Are you on a plane in San Francisco with Tom Cruise? What’s happening?’ And then I saw her like three years later and she had a kid.”

It’s been made clear over the years that Katie Homes prefers to keep personal aspects of her life secretive as best as she can. However, the actress’ alleged secret romance with Jamie Foxx has been a bit more public. Whether they are simply friends, as the two keep stating, or not, Jamie and Katie are certainly spending more time together and have been spotted on vacations in one another’s company. Last fall, the pair were spotted in Cabo for Katie’s birthday, and on New Year’s Eve, Foxx and Holmes were seen hand-in-hand in Miami. Most recently, the two were spotted in Paris, as People relayed back in May.

Considering the element of mystery Katie seems to enjoy, it would not be a surprise if all of the Foxx and Holmes relationship rumors are accurate. Only time will tell.

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