Kim Kardashian Lawsuit: Star’s Company And LuMee Address Allegations, SnapLight Will Go To ‘War’ Over Issue

Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies, and she took her love for bathroom mirror snaps to another level when she introduced a phone case that illuminates to give selfie-takers the perfect lighting every time. Kardashian tied her name to the LuMee product, and she endlessly promoted her new favorite toy.

The reality star is certainly no stranger to drama, and after her sisters Kendall and Kylie were involved in a lawsuit for pieces included in a recent T-shirt line for their Kendall + Kylie brand, Kardashian has been hit with a lawsuit all her own in the amount of $100 million by SnapLight.

The company insists that is enabling LuMee to steal profits from their own product, which is also an illuminated smartphone case intended for the perfect selfie.

LuMee is defending its place in the world of selfie-taking, and according to TMZ, the company filed paperwork that indicates a patent was attached to the product in 2016. In fact, LuMee launched a lawsuit against SnapLight first, back in November.

The Daily Mail notes the details about the history of SnapLight and reportedly how LuMee has bullied the lesser-known company into withdrawing its product.

“According to SnapLight’s complaint, a man named Hooshmand Harooni filed a patent in 2013 for an ‘integrated lighting accessory and case for a mobile phone device.’ SnapLight claims Harooni then licensed his invention to the company.”

Harooni claims that LuMee representatives proceeded to bully him to remove his product from the market after they gained the support of Kim Kardashian. As the publication notes, SnapLight will not back down this time and is set to go to “war” over the issue.

Due to Kardashian’s ongoing promotion of LuMee, SnapLight and Harooni insists that the company has been unable to make a profit from their version of the illuminated smartphone case, despite SnapLight and LuMee cases retailing for roughly the same price.

It certainly would be tough to compete with a brand that is endorsed by a celebrity with such a massive following on social media as Kim K. Kardashian has over 100 million followers on Instagram, 30 million on Facebook, and 54 million on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian makes mention of her LuMee case endlessly on social media, and she has inspired other celebrities to opt for the smartphone case that reportedly makes users flawless in an instant. If SnapLight was first on the scene, it’s no wonder the company isn’t happy about LuMee’s success.

[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]