‘Y&R’ Spoilers: Sally Sussman’s Exit Could Expedite Adam Newman’s Return, And Make Muhney’s Return Possible

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers and buzz tease that the sudden departure of co-executive producer and head writer Sally Sussman could expedite Adam Newman’s return to Genoa City. Sussman was widely seen as an obstacle to Adam’s speedy return to the show. Thus, her exit has raised hopes that Adam could return earlier than previously anticipated, and that Michael Muhney could also return to the cast.

Sussman’s comments when she returned as head writer to the show last fall implied that she was not in favor of proposals for Adam Newman’s early return to Genoa City. She also insisted that there was no urgent need to deal with the issue of Christian Newman’s (Jude and Ozzy McGuigen) true paternity. She said that resolving the issue of Christian’s paternity would be put on hold for as long as Adam, the character central to the issue, has not returned.

“I’m not looking to bring that character [Adam Newman] back nor do I want to do a paternity reveal involving a character who is off-camera,” she told TV Insider.

Sussman’s comments last fall explain why her exit has generated excited buzz that Y&R could now speed up Adam’s return to Genoa City without hindrance. Some fans also believe that her exit increases the chances of Muhney’s return.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Sussman’s influence will end after October’s episodes. Mal Young would then be responsible for the subsequent storyline.

Muhney debuted as Adam Newman on the CBS soap in 2009 and exited just before Christmas of 2013 amid confused rumors about the reason for his firing. The silence about the reason for his exit had encouraged the rumors. Some sources claimed that he was fired as a result of a sexual misconduct. Others blamed the then-executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps. However, Doug Davidson took to Twitter to absolve Phelps, saying that she was not behind Muhney’s firing. He added vaguely at the time that there was “more to the story,” according to Day Time Confidential.

Muhney later hinted that his firing was due to personality clash issues, but the nature of the clash was not clarified. However, multiple sources claimed that Muhney’s “bad attitude” had infuriated his colleagues, including Eric Braeden.

She Knows reported that Muhney once admitted difficulties in his relationship with Braeden.

“The thing about Eric is he doesn’t take s**t from anybody. He’s known for that,” Muhney said, according to She Knows. “He’s been around enough years for that to be known.”

“… I don’t take any s**t from him either… I don’t need to be his best friend and hold hands and skip down the street on the weekends and go shopping together.”

Justin Hartley took over Muhney’s role in 2014, but exited in 2016. Hartley’s exit in 2016 raised hopes among Muhney’s fans about his return to the show.

However, after Hartley left, Y&R decided not to recast the character. Adam Newman was killed in an explosion caused by Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson). But if Y&R decides to bring Adam back, his death could be reversed through a new storyline in which he does not actually die in the explosion.

Muhney has expressed a desire to return. He once asked his fans to tweet to the producers of the show to let him return as Adam Newman. Y&R fans also launched petitions to bring him back.

Although he recently expressed hope about his return, he denied rumors that he was already involved in talks with the show’s producers.

“There is no return to Y&R at this point,” he told Soap Central. “But who knows what the future holds? Look, there ain’t nothin’ like a little positivity and good vibes to mold future events. Be positive. Think positive. Tweet positive.”

The issue of his return flared up recently after a fan took to Twitter to accuse Doug Davidson of working to frustrate efforts to bring Muhney back to the show.

The allegation was reportedly based on rumors that Doug and Eric had threatened a boycott if Muhney returned to the show.

Doug reacted heatedly to the allegation, saying that he was not involved in decision-making about Muhney’s return.
Muhney also joined the discussion, advising Doug to ignore the Twitter user. He then commended Doug, saying that “You were always kind and generous to me.”

Muhney and Braeden also recently had a friendly exchange on Twitter in which Braeden urged fans to be patient about the issue of Muhney’s return to the cast.

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