Jenelle Evans Claims She Was Physically Abused By Former Fiancé Gary Head

Jenelle Evans was reportedly abused by her former fiancé, Gary Head.

In an excerpt from her newly released memoir, Read Between the Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom, the Teen Mom 2 star revealed that Head suffered from anger issues and fought with her frequently.

“I was so used to f***ed up relationships I was willing to put up with his short fuse just to have someone in my life,” she wrote in the book, according to a report by Radar Online on August 1.

However, as Jenelle Evans explained, their relationship came to an end after a scary fight that began after Head requested he go to a nightclub alone. As Evans recounted, she called Head later that night but instead of Head answering the phone, she was greeted by the voice of a woman. Right away, Evans drove to the club and found her then-fiancé surrounded by a bevy of women.

After returning home, Evans checked Head’s phone and discovered that he had invited women to their place. In turn, Head reportedly grabbed Evans’ phone and threw it at a wall, which quickly destroyed the device.

At that point, Jenelle Evans wrote, Head began screaming at the reality star and next thing she knew, she was unable to breathe.

“Gary had attacked me. He jumped from the bed, looped his blanket around my throat and pulled it tight,” she continued.

According to Jenelle Evans, the marine screamed at her as he choked her and right before she felt like she was on the verge of passing out — or dying — he let her go. But the fight didn’t end there. As Evans told readers, she began to punch Head in the back but in turn, he started to hit her.

In the end, Jenelle Evans was reportedly left covered in bruises and both she and Head were arrested.

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Jenelle Evans also said that her former husband, Courtland Rogers, slapped her around and punched her in the stomach when she was pregnant. The horrifying incident reportedly led the reality star to miscarry their child and ultimately, they divorced.

Years later, Jenelle Evans’ ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith was arrested after a fight between the two of them reportedly turned physical.

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