'General Hospital' Spoilers: Franco Terrified With Two Jasons In Port Charles?

General Hospital spoilers tease that Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) will soon face double trouble. According to a GH set insider, when Steve Burton returns to Port Charles, he initially will not be Jason Morgan, but as the story unwinds over six to 12 months, he will ultimately be revealed as Jason. Sam Morgan actress Kelly Monaco teased this outcome with a recent social media pic of her piggybacking on Billy Miller who held up two fingers, and she captioned it "deuces." This is great news for Burton fans but really bad news for Franco. Here's why.

New Jason is chill on Franco, old Jason is not

Recent General Hospital events show us that "Jason 2" (Billy Miller) has chilled out somewhat on Franco in recent months. With the drama attached to Jake Webber's (Hudson West) troubled past, Franco became integral to Jason 2's personal life. Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) dating Franco was an issue for Jason 2, but he's gradually adjusting thanks largely to Franco's heartfelt admission of guilt to Sam in front of Jake. Jason 2 and Franco will never be bowling buddies, but Jason 2 doesn't actively want to kill Franco. But what about "Jason 1" (Steve Burton)?

Old Jason believes Franco is Danny's father

There is a lot of underlying tension that will bubble up, promise General Hospital spoilers, between Franco and Jason 1 when Burton is finally revealed as Jason. Remember, when Jason 1 was shot by Cesar Faison (disguised as Duke), he believed Franco was Danny Morgan's father. Jason 2 knows the truth, but Jason 1 "died" believing he was going to be raising Franco's son. Longtime GH watchers will remember how Jason 1 struggled with the idea of Franco's child in his life, although he tried to make peace with it.

Old Jason still thinks Franco raped Sam

Viewers newer to GH should also know that Jason 1 believes Franco raped Sam on his (Jason) and Sam's honeymoon. In fact, Jason 1 might come back to Port Charles with a vendetta against Franco and could hurt the reformed serial killer based on old information. Nothing excuses Franco's behavior because Sam still believes she was raped and seeing the video showing no intercourse took place doesn't change her mindset or reverse years of psychological torture. Jason 1 doesn't know that Franco never had sex with Sam so he'll still be angry.

Will old Jason return with memories or amnesia?

Retired GH writer Jean Passanante's recent interview with Soap Opera Digest further muddied the waters. Jean admitted that "the show will not gloss over the uncanny resemblance to the Jason viewers knew before Miller's Jason underwent radical reconstructive surgery on his face."

Passanante's statement seems to establish that when Steve Burton returns, everyone will acknowledge that he looks like Jason, but "resemblance" is the key word. To resemble means to look like, but it definitely does not mean he is the guy he looks like.

Jean added, "Obviously, that raises all kinds of interesting questions about the past and his character and of Jason's life the last couple of years.... It's a great puzzle that requires figuring out."

One soap commenter on Twitter, Soap Chick, who seems to have an inside track behind the scenes at GH tweeted, "It's at least a year before all this unfolds."

If Steve Burton is back as Jason 1 and has his memories, Franco might want to be scared. One Jason hating him is bad enough, but two Jasons? That's downright deadly. Jason 1 didn't leave town enamored with Liz, but he would no doubt be unhappy to see his baby mama involved with Franco and playing part-time dad to his resurrected son Jake. What a mess!

How will Franco react to old Jason's face?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Roger Howarth is back on the GH set shooting new scenes to air later this month. That means Franco is back in town and hot and heavy with Liz when Steve Burton returns as some character. Burton is not on set yet, despite inaccurate reports, and will not be seen until September at the earliest since he's still in Nashville and the ABC soap shoots four weeks ahead.

Franco should be as shocked as anyone to see Jason's old face show up in Port Charles and, if he's smart, he'll be cautious about this newcomer. If Steve Burton is some version of Jason and has Jason 1's memories, surely he'll be furious to see how Franco has worked his way into Liz and Sam's lives.

Most fans are thinking about how Burton's return will affect Sam and Jason 2, but there are many more lives that will be impacted, not least of all Liz, Franco, and Jake's. There's lots more General Hospital drama to come once Burton is back. Check back often for more General Hospital spoilers.

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