LuAnn De Lesseps In Denial? ‘RHONY’ Insists ‘We’re Happy’ As New Hubby Caught With Another Woman

LuAnn de Lesseps continues to deny that her marriage is on the rocks. Despite rumors of infidelity and divorce, the Real Housewives of New York star insists she is happy. Is de Lesseps in denial?

According to Radar Online, the reality star’s husband, Tom D’Agostino, was recently caught flirting with another woman at a weekend party in the Hamptons. While de Lesseps was mingling with her co-stars, her husband was seen swooning over a blonde – and he’s only eight months into the marriage.

A source at the event claims that D’Agostino and the mystery woman have a history. He allegedly texted her the night of the party and later met her at a bar. That’s when things started getting a little extra flirty.

“One of the woman’s friends blurted out, ‘That’s her married ex-boyfriend Tom, who’s still in love with her,'” the insider shared.

A few minutes after the text, D’Agostino arrived at the dive bar and met up with the mystery gal. With his wedding ring firmly in place, D’Agostino reportedly held the girl’s hand and tried to get close. She rejected him, however, because she didn’t want to do anything in public.

D’Agostino has denied the reports about the mystery woman. A rep admitted that he was at the bar over the weekend but claims nothing happened between his client and the blonde. In fact, the rep assured everyone that D’Agostino is committed to his marriage with de Lesseps and wants it to work out.

“Luann and I had a great weekend together in the Hamptons. We went to a dinner party together and I went out to meet our mutual friends for drinks after. Luann knew where I was and who I was with. There is no story here,” he explained.

This isn’t the first time the marriage has come under fire. The two have battled rumors of infidelity ever since they got engaged a year ago. Despite all the negative rumors, LuAnn de Lesseps continues to support her husband and put up a united front for the public.

According to Page Six, the RHONY star recently defended her marriage and says that she and D’Agostino are happier than ever. De Lesseps claims that nothing outlandish happened over the weekend and that she knew exactly where her husband was at all times.

“We are together in Sag and are happy. He went to meet mutual friends for drinks. There is no story there,” she stated.

D’Agostino has a history of flirting with other women. He famously made out with another woman days before getting engaged to the reality star. The two have put the incident behind them, though it’s clear that they are not out of the woods just yet.

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