Kim Kardashian Proves Kanye West Suffers ‘Debilitating’ Mental Illness In Secret Testimonial In Insurance Case

Kim Kardashian is standing by his man and his mental illness as Kanye West sues an insurance firm over unpaid claims due to his canceled tour.

Kim testified under oath as she tried to help Kanye out while her husband is faced with another stressful situation. West is looking at a legal battle against Lloyd’s of London, considered the world’s leading insurance market. According to RadarOnline, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star testified on December 13 last year.

The testimony was done in the presence of representatives of the insurance company who were digging into the truth regarding Kanye’s mental illness. Kanye was forced to cancel the remaining 21 play dates of his “Saint Pablo” tour in November of last year due to failing mental health. West voluntarily admitted himself into the UCLA Medical Center supposedly to get help for exhaustion and sleep deprivation. According to E! News, however, the 911 call made by Kanye’s physician was categorized as a “psychiatric emergency.” West spent a week recuperating in a psychiatric center before being released.

A mere couple of days after West was hospitalized, his camp tendered a loss claim to the insurers. The result of the insurance firm’s investigation seemed headed to a decision for Lloyd’s not to pay West, though it is also possible that Lloyd’s is merely stalling on releasing the insurance money.

Kanye’s touring company, Very Good Touring, Inc., jumped the gun on Lloyd’s by suing the firm. The Hollywood Reporter first reported about the explosive $10 million lawsuit that Kanye filed against Lloyd’s in a California federal court on Tuesday. The report also mentioned that THR got exclusive details on West’s mental illness, including an “extensive medical examination” of the controversial singer/songwriter.

According to West, the insurance firm has yet to pay his claim eight months after it was filed. Kanye already went through questioning by the firm back in February while his wife, Kim, did so earlier, as mentioned. West also subjected himself to an independent medical examination (IME) and an examination under oath (EUO) as demanded by Lloyd’s. The results of which proved that Kanye was indeed suffering from mental illness.

Kanye believes that Lloyd’s is implying that West’s marijuana use “may provide them with a basis to deny the claim and retain the hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums paid by Very Good.” Kanye also said in the lawsuit that the “stalling is emblematic of a broader modus operandi” in which Lloyd’s prolongs the post-claim investigations and processes to look for any reason not to pay.

Hints of Kanye suffering from mental illness were seen during his concert tour. When he was performing at The Meadows Music & Arts Festival in Queens, New York, on October 2, West suddenly left the stage to be with Kim. It was later learned that Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, France. While it was perfectly understandable for Kanye to worry about Kim, the incident left a lasting imprint on West and likely contributed to his mental illness.

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Kanye seemed strained and confused during his Sacramento show. West also exhibited erratic behavior when he launched a lengthy tirade against Beyonce, JAY-Z, and Hillary Clinton. A couple of days before, West was booed by concertgoers after he admitted that he voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election.

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