‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: Who Is Most Popular Houseguest, Do ‘BB19’ Live Feeds Help?

A lot of Big Brother 19 rumors are addressing the question of who the most popular houseguest is this season. The BB19 live feeds may help some of the houseguests quite a bit, especially if they aren’t a focal point of the CBS episodes. The CBS episodes can also hinder houseguests, as producers might slant a particular storyline that ends up making someone look better than they should. After what took place Tuesday night (August 1) in the house, it will be interesting to see the next round of Big Brother 19 rumors regarding the most popular houseguests.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the popularity of Jessica Graf might take a huge hit after she suggested that Mark Jansen and Cody Nickson should help her drown Alex Ow in the jacuzzi. This was all part of a tirade that Jessica made about Alex, which may not have been a wise move to make in front of Mark or in front of the live feed cameras. America was watching and the immediate response on social media has not been flattering. In this instance, the CBS live feeds were not helpful to Jessica at all.

Fan site Joker’s Updates has a way to address these Big Brother 19 rumors, and it is with a daily poll where fans can vote on their favorite houseguests.The results typically vary as each season progresses, with people in power receiving a bit more support that week than when they are struggling just to stay in the BB19 house. That appears to have changed a bit this week though.

At the end of the day on Tuesday (August 1), Jessica Graf emerged as the most popular houseguest this season. It was her second straight day in that position, replacing Kevin Schlehuber, who had ranked in the top spot since Day 14. Tuesday served as Day 44 of the Big Brother 19 poll this season, with Jessica at the top, followed by Kevin, Cody Nickson, Ramses Soto, and Jason Dent (in that order). Raven Walton ranks as the least popular BB19 houseguest yet again.

In the Joker’s Updates rankings, fans are asked to rank every houseguest on a five-point scale. It’s easy to manipulate if a group of friends gets together to help out one houseguest and vote down another one. There are also polls like the one over at Big Brother Network, where fans just vote on their favorite houseguest. In the Week 5 poll, Paul Abrahamian has 27.93 percent of the vote, Jessica Graf is at 20.62 percent, and Kevin Schlehuber is at 16.34 percent. That ongoing poll can be viewed below.

There are certainly a lot of Big Brother 19 rumors on social media right now, with each one directly affecting how fans might vote in one of the various polls currently taking place. It’s also difficult to predict who America will choose as their favorite houseguest because sometimes it is an underdog and sometimes it is just someone who the fans enjoy watching on the CBS episodes as well as the BB19 live feeds. Past winners have included James Huling, Victor Arroyo, Danny Thompson, Frank Eudy, and Elissa Slater.

The winner for BB19 might come down to who remains in the house the longest this summer. It seems like a three horse race between Jessica Graf, Paul Abrahamian, and Kevin Schlehuber, with each of the three houseguests having differing reasons why fans are supporting them this season. While that could shift in the coming weeks, it would be surprising if America’s Favorite Houseguest wasn’t Jessica, Paul, or Kevin, no matter what the future Big Brother 19 rumors might indicate.

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