'A Night With My Ex' Stars Rob And Shivonne Have An Exciting Update

Mandy Robinson

Tonight on the Bravo show A Night With My Ex, everyone got to meet Rob and Shivonne. Rob said that it had been four months since he had seen her and he wanted to give her a ring. It was obvious that Rob was there to win her back. Bravo shared that Rob and Shivonne have a very exciting announcement for the fans of the show.

Shivonne said the last time they saw each other, they had a few cocktails and things happened. She said she had something big to tell him. He actually brought her flowers for the date and it started out well. She shared that she missed him a lot.

Rob and Shivonne actually had their baby just in time for the premiere episode tonight. Their child was born on the day of the show, which is perfect timing. The fans were shocked to hear she was pregnant on the show, but the baby arriving just in time for the show is great news.

Bravo also shared a relationship update from the couple. Rob and Shivonne are back together after the show. Rob said that they are in love and expecting. They have moved to New York. Rob said he knows he will be a good dad, but you know that you just go with it and hope that you do the best. She shared that they are having a baby girl as well.

Rob admits that he is scared to have a girl, but they are hoping to maybe have more children in the future and even buy a home together. Shivonne shared that Rob is a lot calmer and doesn't go out near as much. Things are going great for this couple. It sounds like being on A Night With My Ex was perfect for this couple and they are back together now and doing great.