Ashley Graham Again Accused Of Photoshop As She Shares ‘Sports Illustrated’ Throwback Post

To some of Ashley Graham’s 4.7 million followers, it’s apparent the plus-size model used photo editing in a recent bikini throwback post.

Graham is once again being accused of using Photoshop as she posted a photo from her second Sports Illustrated shoot earlier this year.

The 29-year-old shared the swimsuit photo over the weekend as her Instagram followers stated it appears either the model or SI used editing to achieve her curves.

“She’s supposed to be ‘body confident’ and flag the way for curvy models and yet she is reposting an evidently photoshopped photo of herself without arguing against it.”

One commenter even pointed out the areas where it seems Ashley’s body has been edited.

“You can see in the lines on her butt and thighs.”

Another Instagram user attributed Graham’s defined features to the photo-editing program as they shared their thoughts on her post.

“Photoshopped to the MAX!”

But they weren’t the only ones to call out the alleged Photoshop as one commenter stated it looks as if Ashley’s curves have been edited in some way.

“Why her butt look photoshopped tho is it just me.”

However, one commenter complimented Graham on her “toned abs and small butt” in the photo, which may imply photo editing was indeed involved as the plus model is known for her more curvaceous figure.

In fact, Ashley posted a video to her Instagram account on Monday that shows her midsection looking significantly less defined than in the Sports Illustrated post.

However, since the SI photo is from the beginning of the year, Graham may have been more toned for that particular shoot than now.

The Daily Mail reported on the controversy as Graham once again finds herself at the center of Photoshop drama. The site states it’s unclear whether or not Ashley’s body is edited in the image, but her followers seem to believe otherwise.

“Several users promptly pointed out that it looks like the model’s bottom was altered in the snap. It is unclear whether the photo was actually edited.”

The article also discussed Graham’s involvement as a body positivity advocate as she routinely shows off her curves in her provocative photos.

Because she consistently flaunts her figure — stretch marks and all — her followers may be able to discern when one of her images has been edited.

The Daily Mail‘s readers shared their thoughts in the comment section as some defended Graham. One reader stated they don’t believe the image is edited as not all plus models have the same curves.

“I don’t think it’s photoshopped. Just because you’re plus size doesn’t mean your butt is automatically round. She might just have a flat butt.”

Other commenters stated it’s obvious Ashley has been edited in the photo as all models are in the final takes.

“All models pics are touched up. The difference is, Ashley claims her pics are untouched and real. Which they’re not.”

As previously mentioned, this is not the first time Graham has been accused of Photoshop. Her followers accused her of using photo editing back in April as she posed by a pool during Coachella.

As with the Sports Illustrated post, commenters pointed out the exact areas where it seemed Ashley relied on editing. Commenters said it appeared as if the model used Photoshop to achieve a slimmer waist in her poolside pictures as they called her out.

It seems Ashley’s followers don’t necessarily mind the alleged photo editing, but more of the fact that she claims her images are natural.

“…come on girl.. be real and mean it!”

[Featured Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]