Olga Pronina: Instagram Star Known As ‘Russia’s Sexiest Motorcyclist’ Killed In Horrific High-Speed Crash

Olga Pronina made a name for sharing racy pictures on Instagram and videos of her high-speed motorcycling adventures, but that came to an end this week when the social media star was killed in what was described as a horrific high-speed crash.

Known to her fans as Monika, Pronina had built up a hefty following to her Instagram account with pictures of herself wearing skimpy clothing while riding her BMW motorcycle and videos of her high-speed stunts, the New York Post noted. In one of her final videos posted before her death, Monika sat sideways on a motorcycle and took a drink from a straw while racing down a highway.

But that all came to an end this week when Olga Pronina lost control of her motorcycle while riding in the city of Vladivostok, striking a side railing. Pronina died on the scene, the report noted.

A friend who came on the scene of the crash said that Pronina was traveling so fast that her motorcycle ended up hundreds of feet away from the crash.

Others who knew the Instagram star said it was only a matter of time before her dangerous driving caught up with her.

“She was breaching every rule of safety and riding at high-speed pretty often,” friend Eduard Hasanov told local media outlets (via the New York Post). “Her death is incredibly tragic.”

Pronina was a self-professed adrenaline junkie, the Mirror noted, and said she was grateful “for unbelievable excitement and a feeling of flowing in the air, for doses of adrenaline.”

Monika, who when she wasn’t racing on her motorcycle worked as a hairdresser, was 40 years old and the mother of one child, reports noted. After her death, Monika’s Instagram page turned into something of a memorial, with many leaving messages of condolence for her family.

But others were more critical, noting that Olga Pronina left behind a child because of her reckless behavior and desire for attention.

It was not clear if Olga Pronina may have been filming a video at the time of her death, the Mirror noted. Friends said the scene was searched for a camera but none was found.

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