Want To Create Some Magic From Home? Disney Is Hiring For Work-From-Home Positions In These Five States

Working for The Walt Disney Company is something that is a dream for many people, and now, it can come true even if you live nowhere near anything Disney. There are many programs and opportunities to work in the parks such as Walt Disney World and Disneyland while Disney Stores provide openings in different states. Well, Disney is looking for you even if you have none of those locations around you and five states have the chance to work for the company from home.

Yes, there is the opportunity in place for people to work for Disney from home as a guest services representative. Even though you may never leave the comfort of your home and your life as it currently is, you would indeed be considered a "Cast Member" for The Walt Disney Company.

WSVN has noticed a job listing that is looking for work-from-home guest services representatives in five different states. If hired, they would have to answer phone calls, respond to emails, solve problems that guests may have, and also create "magical moments" for those they speak to, and they'd be employees of the Disney Store.

There is indeed the one catch that only five states are hiring for this position, but one of them may be yours.

disney store guest relations positions work from home five states
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The application was posted on the official website for Disney Careers and it was originally listed in late May. Still, the position is open as they are looking for more than just one or two new employees, and here are the states they are hiring in:

  • Florida
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Nevada
UPDATE: Disney has now added work-from-home openings in Texas as well.

Disney is looking for people who have some previous guest service experience, and that is because they want to make every interaction as impressive as possible. Even though you'll be working from home, they want their cast members to respond with a great deal of energy, cheerfulness, and a good knowledge of the problems they're trying to address.

While some of the things they'll be saying are indeed scripted for them, others will need to come from on-the-spot thinking and troubleshooting.

disney store guest relations positions work from home five states
[Image by Larry Marano/Getty Images]

One thing that could help you land this position with Disney is if you are bilingual in English and Spanish. Considering the company gets phone calls from all over the country and all walks of life, they are looking to give preference to those applicants who can speak the two languages fluently.

Many people don't live near Walt Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California. There are also those who don't happen to live anywhere near a Disney Store, but they truly do want to work for the "House of Mouse." Well, Disney is giving people that opportunity and these work-from-home guest service representative positions are the chance to get in there, be hired by a great company, and create some magic.

[Featured Image by Larry Marano/Getty Images]