‘BB19’ Live Feeds: Mark Jansen & Elena Davies Playing Both Sides, Paul Abrahamian Has Cast Ready To Throw HOH?

Big Brother 19 spoilers now include discussions about Mark Jansen and Elena Davies playing both sides. The BB19 cast is also receiving instructions from Head of Household Paul Abrahamian to throw the next HOH Competition to Josh Martinez. That could lead to a lot of intrigue on Thursday night (August 3), especially if Jessica Graf is also ready to use the Halting Hex.

New information from the BB19 live feeds was just reported by fan site Joker’s Updates. While meeting with a lot of the cast up in the HOH room, Paul Abrahamian laid out a plan to toss the power in the game to Josh Martinez next week. This would presumably give Josh the power to go after Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson while allowing that side of the house to maintain control over the game.

Christmas Abbott, Matt Clines, and Raven Walton were in on this conversation, but Paul Abrahamian isn’t quite sure that Elena Davies and Mark Jansen would be willing to carry out that plan. It would certainly take a lot of trust from that entire side of the BB19 house, especially since they would be putting a lot on the line just to make sure that Josh Martinez became the Week 6 Head of Household.

The majority of the BB19 cast is already setting up the plan for who is going to get targeted for eviction next. These Big Brother 19 spoilers point to Jessica Graf being the Week 6 target and then Cody Nickson getting targeted for the Week 7 eviction. That would only happen if someone other than Jessica or Cody wins the next Head of Household Competition. That challenge will take place on Thursday night (August 3) with a lot on the line for nearly everyone left standing in this game.

The other bit of drama that just got revealed on the live feeds is a conversation about how Elena Davis and Mark Jansen are playing both sides of the BB19 house. Elena and Mark both hang out with Jessica and Cody, but then gravitate to people on the other side of the house. Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian feel that they are taking information back to the showmance, making it very difficult to trust them in the game. If this conversation leads to a confrontation of Elena and Mark, many new Big Brother 19 spoilers could come out on the feeds soon.

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