Prince William, Prince Harry Cousin Arthur Chatto, New Royal Hunk Of Instagram, Account Made Private

While it hasn’t been that unusual to see photos of royals caught with their pants down, rarely have the royals actually taken the photos. But now a new generation of royals have embraced social media, and one, Arthur Chatto, the grandson of Princess Margaret (the deceased sister of Queen Elizabeth), has taken Instagram to a new level by posting selfies in his underwear. And Arthur Chatto, 18, is pretty buff and has a huge Instagram following for a royal without a big name.

And Queen Elizabeth, great aunt of Arthur Chatto is reportedly not amused, as she still prefers as many royal photos as possible to be taken by the professional press by appointment if possible. And Sarah Chatto, mother of Arthur Chatto has still been tightly in the royal fold, attending a variety of royal events, including the decommissioning of the royal yacht Brittania. For Queen Elizabeth, it was considered a big deal to allow Vanity Fair photographer Annie Leibovitz to take pictures of her with her Welsh Corgis for a special cover story. Queen Elizabeth’s Corgis were getting older, and the queen had decided not to add to their ranks as she too was getting up there in age. These photos were thought to be as laid back as Queen Elizabeth was willing to get.

And ironically, a full spread of the Instagram photos of Arthur Chatto was also featured in Vanity Fair. While the world might not have known the name Arthur Chatto before, they do now.

“Consider the photo, an artful homage to Mark Wahlberg’s 90s Calvin Klein campaign, his official coming out.”

Sadly for those who would like to scroll through Arthur Chatto’s Instagram photos, after the article ran, the account suddenly was made private, no doubt from family pressure. But Arthur, who is headed to Edinburgh University in the fall still has an Instagram account which one can ask to follow. And Arthur Chatto is not just a one-trick pony with underwear selfies, judging by the photos he plays the bagpipe, skis, and is an avid outdoorsman. But let’s just say that’s not what people are noticing, as posts under the selfie photo indicate that the things being noticed about Arthur are not his bagpipes.

“Omg u are literally my dream man omg????????????????????????????????” and “someone get this man a modeling contract.”

And while past generations might have gushed over Prince William or Prince Harry, neither of the older princes came of age in the day of Instagram, and so Arthur Chatto has become an instant favorite of teen girls, and magazines like Teen Vogue has picked up on the trend. But before the world took notice of Arthur Chatto, he had only posted sixteen photos of his travels with friends and family, including his brother, Sam Chatto, who also has an Instagram account (and Sam’s account is still public, for now).


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While it might be a bit difficult to see new photos of Arthur Chatto for now, something says that his recent push into the spotlight might have created a new thirst for the media to snap pictures of Arthur Chatto and friends on his daily rounds.

What do you think of the photos of royal Arthur Chatto? Do you think Queen Elizabeth and the family forced Arthur Chatto to make his Instagram private?

[Featured Image by Arthur Edwards/Getty Images]