Left 4 Dead 2 appeal rejected in Australia, but awesome new trailer leaked

The rough most definitely came with smooth today for Left 4 Dead 2 fans.

We’ll start with the bad news first: if you’re Australian, you won’t be playing the Left 4 Dead 2 Valve wanted you to play. The original build of the game was recently refused classification by the OFLC, the body that grants age ratings to all of Australia’s games and films. An appeal was lodged against the decision, but was shot down today.

Fortunately, Valve saw this coming, and has already prepared a version with less goreand more kittens that does fit within OFLC requirements. Hence, that’s the game Australians will be playing.

And now here’s the good news, in the form of the MOST AWESOME VIDEOGAME CINEMATIC EVAR (NSFW, obviously):

Beautiful (though you can kind of see why the notoriously fussy OFLC wasn’t too keen on this).

[Via Kotaku and Joystiq]