August 1, 2017
Danielle Bregoli: 'Cash Me Ousside' Girl Gets Five Years Probation For Grand Theft Auto And Other Charges

Danielle Bregoli, the "cash me ousside girl," pleaded guilty to a whole host of charges pending against her in Florida earlier today. The 14-year-old girl became a household name after her infamous appearance on the Dr. Phil show last year.

Bregoli was charged with grand theft auto, marijuana possession, and filing a false police report. The bulk of the charges Danielle Bregoli pleaded guilty to were levied against her before the on-camera chat with Dr. Phil where she shouted, "Cash me ousside, how bow dah" to audience members who were already shocked by her behavior.

Even though Danielle Bregoli managed to remain out of jail this time, she could still soon find herself behind bars over a more recent run-in with the law. Earlier this year, the cash me ousside girl had battery charges levied against her in Lake Worth, Florida.

The grand theft auto charges stem from a police call by Danielle's mother to report her daughter had stolen both her purse and her car in two separate incidents last year. According to Florida police records, the teenager filed a false report claiming her mom was on heroin and that she was a victim of domestic violence.

Bregoli eventually admitted her allegations were false. The marijuana possession charge stemmed from an incident earlier this year after the cash me ousside girl was found inside a vehicle with the drugs.

The teenager, at the recommendation of the state, will be serving out her five-year probation sentence in Palm Beach County, California. Cash me ousside girl now lives in the county with her mother, Barbara Bregoli.

Ira Peskowitz, Danielle Bregoli's estranged father, attended her sentencing hearing in Palm Beach today, WPBF reports. He is afraid for his daughter's future and believes she is being "exploited" and possibly being groomed to work in the porn industry.

"I am the only parent in this relationship with Danielle that is trying to see the best thing for this child," Peskowitz, who is a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputy, said during an interview with NBC.After cash me ousside girl became a viral sensation, she moved to Hollywood with her mother and is now reportedly shooting a reality show. The Bregoli mother and daughter were booted from a Spirit Airlines flight after getting into a dispute with another female passenger earlier this year.

[Featured Image by Maen Zayyad/Shutterstock]