‘Elder Scrolls 6’ Possibly Tied To Bethesda Job Opening [Rumor]

Elder Scrolls 6 is quite the anticipated game these days. That said, Zenimax has posted a recent job listing for a Bethesda Games build/tools engineer that has been rumored to be tied with the sixth game of the series, according to One Angry Gamer.

Pete Hines did say last year that it wouldn’t be released “any time soon” and is “not yet in development.” Now it’s 2017 and there are a couple of projects that had already been made known by Bethesda, such as Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and Quake Champions, and according to Segment Next, they did question whether this means something on the horizon which could at least spark the engine that will roll forward the next Elder Scrolls installment. Forbes also mentioned that even Bethesda big wig Todd Howard said the game is a long ways off. It was also said by Forbes that they could be doing this to protect its own franchise projects like Elder Scrolls Online and the Skyrim re-releases.

The Elder Scrolls 6 rumor/buzz regarding this job listing by Zenimax for the Bethesda opening points to a “AAA development environment” for the would-be applicant. A AAA-grade rating could have its own set of standards, but when you hear those three letters, usually it’s universally seen as high-end. It’s probably comparable to a 5-star hotel.

“Bethesda Game Studios is seeking a qualified Build/Tools Engineer for our team. The successful candidate will have knowledge of and experience in the design, implementation and continuing support of cross platform build systems, continuous integration build systems, automated testing, automated performance measurement and trending, profiling tools, patching systems, asset dependency and packaging systems, multiple branched environments, and source control integration. The ideal candidate will have the opportunity to work on game code/systems to support our initiatives to create a AAA development environment.”

The Elder Scrolls series of games have had their share of multiple platforms, so you could possibly glean that from the job listing, but most non-experts could only speculate what may be only Greek to them.

Fans could also only speculate what the rest of the job description entails, but it seems Bethesda has been pretty tight-lipped on that subject. It’s been a long five years since Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim made its debut and still today, modders enjoy enhancing their gaming experience. This goes to show that the hype for the franchise is still there and will forever likely be keeping a close finger on the pulse of things to come on the horizon of Bethesda.

Already, Elder Scrolls 6 fans have been pontificating on what areas of the game they could possibly explore as well as new stories to encounter. Oyunfest was speculating on the geographic locations of the Elder Scrolls world and they seem to have a pretty good imagination. That said, there seems to be a lot of things to ponder about when it comes to future anticipatory hopefuls.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/Getty Images]