John David Duggar Courting News Reportedly Being Announced On ‘Counting On’ Season Premiere

John David Duggar often flies under the radar. He is the second oldest son and Jana Duggar’s twin brother. While she catches all the flack for not being married at the “old” age of 27, he is rarely discussed. Aside from the sex scandal, the Duggar boys don’t make media headlines. John David has rarely appeared on Counting On, and now, that may change.

A brand new season of Counting On will begin in September. There had been big news hinted, and up until now, everyone believed it would be a pregnancy announcement. According to the Hollywood Gossip, John David Duggar may be courting someone. A few months ago, rumors that he was courting Tabitha Paine were running rampant because the two were seen together. That was debunked by Paine herself when she was asked about her relationship with John David. If he is courting, it has been kept under wraps. The family likes to hold big announcements like this for before the new season premiere or leading up to a possible renewal. Right now, there are no details available about who the woman could be and whether or not this is actually happening or just an assumption based on hints dropped by the Duggar girls while filming Counting On.

The Duggar family is constantly in the news. There is always someone courting or having a baby at this stage in life. In recent years, several of the Duggar daughters have gotten married and had children. Joseph Duggar is getting married this fall and will join his brother, Josh, in the world of married life. John David Duggar hasn’t expressed interest in moving away from the family. He appears to be content in his everyday activities. Rumors of John David courting in the past have been discussed. Jana spoke out about several suitors who have approached her, but she has not yet accepted any offers. John David may have been involved in the past, but as of now, he appears to be single or hiding a courtship really well.

In a little over a month, it will be revealed if John David Duggar is really courting anyone. Fans are excited to see what the announcement will be and whether or not it will mean another Duggar wedding in their future. Right now, the family is planning one wedding and waiting for the birth of their third grandson in 2017. John David Duggar seems to be content with what is happening in his life, and if he is going to walk down the aisle, it could mean huge ratings for the TLC network.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Twitter]