‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Live Feed Updates From ‘BB19’ House, Is Cody Nickson Going Home This Week?

Big Brother 19 spoilers coming from the live feeds on Tuesday afternoon (August 1) confirm that Cody Nickson is not going home this week. This news follows speculation from the BB19 cast that Jessica Graf could be convinced to keep the Halting Hex in her pocket or that Cody could be convinced to self-evict from the game. While these live-feed spoilers are confirmed about the planned Eviction Ceremony, there is also speculation on the live feeds by Head of Household Paul Abrahamian that an altered double eviction could take place.

Right before Christmas Abbott returned to the BB19 house on Tuesday, as she had been out getting her stitches removed and a new cast on her foot, Paul was postulating about what might take place on Thursday night (August 3). Paul is of the opinion that something resembling a double eviction will occur on Thursday night, forcing the houseguests to go through a week of competitions in just an hour. It wouldn’t be a true double eviction, though, as previous Big Brother 19 spoilers state the Halting Hex is about to get used.

If the Halting Hex is used by Jessica Graf, it will cancel the first eviction ceremony of the night. The BB19 cast would then play out a new Head of Household Competition to see who takes the power. It could be at that point where production lets everyone know that the week will be a “fast-forward,” requiring immediate nominations for eviction and then a Veto Competition. This could mean that someone is going home on Thursday night, even if it isn’t Cody Nickson. It also raises the possibility that Cody could still go home.

Meanwhile, there is some more drama going on inside the BB19 house, as Paul Abrahamian discovered that Cody Nickson had put cracked egg shells back in the carton and then back in the refrigerator. When Paul asked Cody about why he did it, Cody stated that Paul should “hold that thought.” Cody then took Jessica and left the kitchen. Paul didn’t like getting left without an answer and decided to hide the full carton of fresh eggs in the secondary refrigerator while putting the egg shells back where Cody would find them the next time he wanted eggs.

It was an odd series of events, but it shows how Paul and Cody are on opposite ends of the spectrum in the game right now. There is likely to be even more drama between them, especially as the Eviction Ceremony and Jessica Graf being forced to use her Halting Hex get closer to taking place. Cody is still very bitter about Paul nominating him for eviction, but it’s hard to figure out why he and Jessica thought that this week would go any differently. They will probably realize their mistakes after the season finale this summer.

There is a lot of time for additional Big Brother 19 spoilers to come out before Thursday night, especially if production confirms that it is going to be a “special episode” with the “fast-forward” used as a main component. Nothing on the CBS Big Brother Twitter account hints at this taking place, though, so it could just be conjecture from Paul Abrahamian as he stresses about it all. Or maybe Paul is just hoping that he won’t have to deal with another week inside the BB19 house with Cody Nickson?

As it stands, Cody Nickson isn’t going home this week unless there is a second Eviction Ceremony. It also seems very clear that Jessica Graf is about to use the Halting Hex. Then there is the question of whether Paul Abrahamian gets to play in the next Head of Household Competition if this week is brought to an end early. It’s going to be an exciting few episodes for CBS viewers, especially for those who aren’t aware that the Big Brother 19 spoilers also already include who won the Power of Veto this week.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]