Walt Disney World Reportedly Introducing A Brand New Park-Wide Food Tour Of Magic Kingdom Later This Year

Walt Disney World is always looking for new and innovative ways to bring enjoyment to their guests, and a food tour of Magic Kingdom may be one of their best ideas yet. While it hasn’t yet been confirmed, it looks as if there could be a brand new park-wide food tour coming that will be called the “Taste of The Magic Kingdom.” If this new tour starts later this year, as is being reported, it could mean going door-to-door to enjoy your favorite Disney snacks and foods.

There are countless unique and incredible foods to be had at Walt Disney World, and Magic Kingdom has some of the best. There are Citrus Swirls, churros, Mickey pretzels, turkey legs, and, of course, the Dole Whip. All of these can be purchased and enjoyed by guests visiting the park, but wouldn’t it be fun if an entire ride was devoted strictly to them?

According to WDWNT, the new park-wide food tour will be called the “Taste of The Magic Kingdom,” and it is set to begin on October 1, 2017. Full details for this new tour are not exactly known as of yet, but that is simply due to the fact that Disney has not yet officially announced anything.

walt disney world food tour park taste of magic kingdom

This tour could really introduce guests to a lot of snacks and food items. While many are familiar with the Dole Whip in Magic Kingdom, they may not know that an orange-flavored version called a Citrus Swirl is sold in Adventureland as well.

walt disney world food tour park taste of magic kingdom

When you begin to think about it, Magic Kingdom has numerous treats and dishes that would be great to try on a food tour. Mickey pretzels and churros would obviously be at the top of anyone’s list, and both of them are available for purchase in the park.

walt disney world food tour park taste of magic kingdom

Obviously, Dole Whips would have to be included in the “Taste of The Magic Kingdom,” as they are a staple treat at Walt Disney World. It could simply be the pineapple soft-serve ice cream or it could be a Dole Whip Float, which has the soft-serve in pineapple juice.

walt disney world food tour park taste of magic kingdom

There could even be some of the newer treats that have made their way to Magic Kingdom in recent months such as the Cheshire Cat Tail. Sleepy Hollow also has great waffles and the famous popcorn could also end up on the tour.

Since Disney has not yet officially announced anything regarding this park-wide food tour of Magic Kingdom, things could be altered or changed. There is even the possibility that this food tour may never end up becoming a reality at all, but then again, it could start on October 1, 2017, as is being reported. No details have been made available on pricing yet either.

It is interesting that the Disney Parks Blog has been doing a series of articles for dining around the parks lately. One of them detailed six snacks for $5 or less at Magic Kingdom, while the other talked about eating around the world at Epcot for just $5 per pavilion.

Walt Disney World has a number of great tours to enjoy and numerous places to partake in food dishes and snacks from all walks of life. Magic Kingdom has some traditional Disney treats, some far away from the ordinary that are all good to try. If this “Taste of The Magic Kingdom” park-wide food tour becomes a reality later this fall, it will surely be one of the more popular outings that Disney has ever put together.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]