Kelly Dodd Says Meghan King Edmonds Is ‘Thirsty’ And Should Focus On Her Baby In Twitter Rant

Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County showed Kelly Dodd and Meghan King Edmonds meeting up to patch up their friendship after the two drifted apart for a few months over some heated texts that they exchanged over the summer. It was revealed that Meghan sent Kelly, who has been with her husband, Michael Dodd, for over a decade, a text asking if the rumor that she had a boyfriend was true. Not amused, Kelly sent Meghan a text back claiming that she was told that her husband, Jim Edmonds, has a mistress. Not surprisingly, this text exchange spelled the end of their friendship for a while. Yet the latest episode showed Kelly and Meghan having a pleasant reunion, during which Kelly met Meghan’s 2-month-old baby, Aspen, for the first time and gave her a baby gift.

Prior to Kelly’s visit to Meghan, the two women explained the text showdown that happened between them over the summer.

“I heard you had a boyfriend,” Meghan texted Kelly, adding that she heard it from “someone on Twitter.” Kelly responded by claiming that she heard that Jim, whom Meghan married in 2014, has a mistress.

“A friend told me your husband has a mistress,” Kelly wrote.

Meghan made it clear that she didn’t appreciate Kelly’s claim.

“We are pregnant for God’s sake, Kelly. My God,” she wrote back.

In her confessional interview, Kelly denied that she had a boyfriend.

“I don’t have a boyfriend. And, quite frankly, if I did, I would say.”

Kelly did admit, however, that she lashes back when she feels attacked.

“I have a really really hard time controlling myself. When someone presses my buttons, I’m going to press the button right back.”

Meghan also denied to the camera that there’s infidelity in her marriage.

“I don’t really give a s**t because I know it’s not true.”

Yet Meghan added that she found Kelly’s behavior inappropriate.

“[Kelly] didn’t like that question, so she got mad and [sent] me a text when I’m seven months pregnant, saying ‘Your husband is having an affair on you. Just thought you should know.’ That’s not a text that you send to someone seven months pregnant.”

Meghan then explained why she let Kelly back in her life even though she acts like a child.

“I just cut Kelly Dodd out for a few months, and then I let her back in. Because it’s all a hell of a lot easier to get along with Kelly than it is to fight with her. The way that Kelly goes after people is not normal. In a lot of ways, I see Kelly as a child having a temper tantrum. And reasoning with a 3-year-old is not easy, and sometimes that’s how Kelly is.”

Although the latest The Real Housewives of Orange County episode showed Kelly Dodd and Meghan King Edmonds having a pleasant reunion, during which they didn’t mention the text fight, it seems that Meghan and Kelly are on the outs again. On Monday night, Kelly, who joined the show last season as Meghan’s friend, lashed out at Meghan in a Twitter rant. It seems that Kelly wasn’t pleased to hear what Meghan said about her to the camera. In a tweet, Kelly said that Meghan must have nothing going on, so she tries to pick a fight with her. Kelly went so far as calling Meghan “thirsty.” Wanting Meghan to see the tweet, Kelly included Meghan’s Twitter handle in it.

Kelly didn’t let up. She later suggested that Meghan should focus more on her baby than on her.

So far, Meghan has not publicly responded to Kelly’s latest outburst against her.

Kelly and Meghan filmed The Real Housewives of Housewives season 11 reunion show in October 2016. During the reunion show, the two women sat next to one another and made no mention of their heated text exchange regarding possible infidelity in their respective marriages. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kelly, as the reunion show aired in mid-November 2016, then admitted to a viewer via an Instagram comment that she “doesn’t speak” to Meghan anymore.

In light of Kelly Dodd’s latest tweets targeting Meghan King Edmonds, the Season 12 reunion show, unlike Season 11’s, might just show a nasty showdown between the two women.

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