Ivanka Trump No Longer Has Unlimited Access To Father In The Oval Office

Ivanka Trump has long been touted as the one who has her father’s ear in the Oval Office, but things are changing in a big way this week for her and husband, Jared Kushner. Despite the fact that Ivanka is President Donald Trump’s special assistant and Jared is his senior adviser, neither one will have unlimited access to him from here on out.

The two reportedly urged the president to fire Reince Priebus as chief of staff and bring someone in who could essentially bring a sense of order in the West Wing. “Chaos” has been the underlying characterization of what’s unfolded in the White House for months. With Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly sworn in as the new chief of staff, the president’s daughter and son-in-law find themselves in a different position as well.

Politico reports that Kelly will be the only senior member of Trump’s staff who have direct, unlimited access to him. Everyone else must go through the chief of staff before determining if they will meet with the president, and this includes Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. Prior to the new structured rule, both entered the Oval Office as they pleased to interact with the president on various subject matters.

According to the report, Ivanka Trump and her husband are finding their limits in the White House with the latest shakeup. The piece about Ivanka also touched on how she wants to have expectations of her role as Trump’s assistant lowered. She hasn’t had the influence over him many believed she would, such as Trump backing out of the Paris Accord and banning transgender individuals from serving in the military. These were major issues Ivanka firmly disagreed with, and there was hope that she’d be a positive force in some of these actions by the president. Ivanka often feels frustrated by the “misunderstandings of the limits of her power” in Washington, the article states.

Ivanka Trump tweeted on Monday that she looks forward to working with John Kelly, calling him “a true American hero.”

She wrote, “Looking forward to serving alongside John Kelly as we work for the American people.”

As CNN reports, moving forward, Ivanka Trump will keep working on her initiatives that include paid family leave, childcare tax credit, workforce development, ending human trafficking, and helping to promote education for science technology, engineering, and math. She’ll also continue meeting with lawmakers and members of the House and Senate for her initiatives.

Ivanka Trump felt compelled to share some of her fan mail on Instagram Monday amid criticism she’s not doing enough to make a difference. It’s perceived as sending her own message to critics that many are pleased with her work in Washington.

“Grateful to receive these thoughtful letters. Thank you for sharing your kind words! It is an honor and privilege to serve our great country,” she captioned the photo.

The concept of Ivanka Trump having to bypass anyone to see her father in the Oval Office is startling given her position and the fact she’s his daughter. It might be a new order that works to everyone’s benefit.

[Featured Image by Win McNamee/Getty Images]