Will Joseph Duggar And Kendra Caldwell Expedite Wedding Like Joy-Anna Duggar And Austin Forsyth?

Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell just had their joint bachelor-bachelorette party this weekend. That got fans wondering if they will expedite their wedding date, just like Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth did. On Joe and Kendra’s wedding registry, it says that their wedding date is October 7, 2017. Joy-Anna and Austin’s date was also set to early October, but they surprised the fans by getting married in June.

Now that the joint party is done, Jill & Jessa: Counting On fans are wondering if Joe and Kendra will expedite their wedding so that they can start their lives as a married couple sooner.

“So then it would seem that the wedding is just around the corner,” Lulu Hader commented on the post the family made about their bachelor-bachelorette party. “Normally people do a bachelor/bachelorette right before the wedding.”

From the comments, it looks like the fans are readying themselves for the Duggars to pull another surprise wedding.

“They said the same thing about Joy’s wedding,” Kristen Waring wrote. “That it wasn’t going to be until later, a longer engagement and they got married like 2 weeks after their bachelor/ette party. All of them have only been engaged 3-4 months max. They keep it a secret to keep the public out of it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see they get married in a week or two.”

Check out the post that got the fans ready for a wedding.

This joint party was popularized by Joy-Anna and Austin, but it was an idea that Kendra Caldwell came up with. After noticing that both the future bride and groom shared their love for outdoor activities, Kendra suggested they both go on a camping trip as a way to celebrate their wedding.

Before Joy and Austin got married, they hung out frequently with Joe and Kendra, who were similar in age and also in the throes of courtship.

In fact, it was on the day of Joy-Anna and Austin’s wedding that Joseph proposed to his future wife. Joy-Anna handed the bouquet to Kendra, and Joe immediately got on his knees to propose.

If they are getting married soon, that means they have to do a lot of wedding planning in a short amount of time. Joy and Austin managed to pull off a beautiful wedding at their local church, adding personal touches to the decorations.

Do you think the next Duggar couple will get hitched before the summer is out? Let us know in the comments below!

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