‘Basketball Wives’: Evelyn Lozada And Jennifer Williams Get Emotional Over TaKari Christie Tell All Book

Jackie Christie may have gotten herself into a battle on Basketball Wives that can’t be undone. At the end of the latest episode, Evelyn Lozada reveals that Jackie’s daughter, TaKari Christie Lee, sent her a copy of the tell-all book she’s been working on. Evelyn is quick to share that book with Jennifer Williams and even tells Shaunie O’Neal that she has a copy for her too.

As Evelyn Lozada reads a few of the shocking excerpts from TaKari’s book out loud, she and Jennifer Williams began to get emotional.

Throughout Season 6 of Basketball Wives, Jackie Christie has been gunning for Evelyn Lozada. It all stems from TaKari’s GoFundMe last year. Jackie’s daughter was going through a rough patch after her infant son was burned during a daycare accident. She needed financial help and Jackie was too busy accusing her own daughter of trying to shake her down to actually help her family out.

Evelyn Lozada stepped in and contributed $3,500 to TaKari Christie Lee and her family, exceeding the fundraiser goal. It’s also worth noting that Matt Barnes made a large contribution as well.

Naturally, Jackie Christie felt that Evelyn only helped her daughter out to be petty. She thinks that Evelyn was trying to make her look like a bad mom when Jackie insists that all TaKari had to do was ask for help. The thing is, TaKari needed help and Jackie knew it. Why would she need to ask unless Jackie just wanted to make her oldest daughter grovel and beg.

When Evelyn received the book from TaKari, she read out loud so that Jennifer Williams could hear.

“She said, ‘My mother would buy big jugs of vinegar and transfer them into 8 oz. bottles that I had to drink all the time.’ She felt like, in her mind that she was fat and we’re talking about nine years old. She said, ‘My mother took issue with everything about me. Why are you chewing like that? That bite is too big. Why are you breathing so hard? Are you retarded? What’s wrong with you, girl?”

Shaunie O’Neal also read TaKari’s book and while she wouldn’t come right out and say what she believed to be the real truth, she did concede that the details in the book were TaKari’s truth. However, Shaunie also believes that whatever Jackie thinks happened is also Jackie’s truth according to VH1.

At this point, the relationship between Jackie Christie and her daughter TaKari looks to be beyond fixing. Is it also over for Jackie and Basketball Wives? After the latest round of drama, even Shaunie O’Neal says that she’s done with the veteran reality star.

That could be due to Jackie snapping on Shaunie while they were on the yacht with the Baller Wives cast. We can’t help but wonder if another reason is due to what Shaunie saw in TaKari’s book. Do you think this should be Jackie’s last season on Basketball Wives?

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