Shure Announces iPhone/iPod Headset With Mic And Noise Cancellation

There’s no point in downloading songs to your iPhone or iPod if the sound quality suffers from the use of that cheap $10 headset you bought at Target. Now you don’t have to worry about sound quality issues with the Shure SE115m+ a high tech headset for your Apple devices.

The Se115M+ features noise-reducing technology, comes equipped with a built-in mic and features a 3 button remote control for navigating through your gadgets available music.

Not convinced you’re ready to throw down $119.99 yet at the Apple Store? How about the included Shure Dynamic Micro Speaker II dynamic driver that provides crisp sound and some darn good bass.

Added bonus: The headphones come with three different earphone sleeves so you can block out surrounding noise based on your own ear size. [SlipperyBrick]