Masika Kalysha And Alexis Skyy Feud: Fetty Wap’s Baby Mama Walks Off ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’ Set

Masika Kalysha revealed the extent of her feud with Fetty Wap’s ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy on the recent episode of Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood. Masika walked off the set when the stylist Zell Swag mentioned her name, according to VH1.

Alexis Skyy had a meeting with Zell Swag earlier in the episode to discuss having a sit-down with Masika. Alexis alleges that Masika got pregnant by Fetty Wap while she was still in a relationship with him. Skyy tells Zell that she wants to confront Masika about the comments she has made on social media, and the stylist agrees to organize a meeting.

Zell’s meet up with Masika gets off to a good start. They discuss her post-pregnancy body as she is wearing a bodysuit to show off her curvaceous physique. After some hesitation, Zell mentions Alexis Skyy’s name, and Masika goes off on a rant and walks away from the set.

She threatens to call her lawyer and attacks the Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood crew by throwing a drink and a glass. Fetty Wap’s baby mama suggests that it was written in her contract not to discuss the Alexis Skyy feud as she threatens to involve her lawyer.

Masika accuses Zell of trying to become famous due to the on-camera confrontation. Zell then states that Masika is broke and mocks the state of her heels.

Masika does not want to meet with Alexis because it will give her camera time, and she does not want to contribute to her nemesis’s popularity. However, many fans feel that Masika is on Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood because she had a baby with Fetty Wap and will likely be dropped from the series if she does not let the producers film her feud with Alexis.

On the other hand, some fans think that Masika is trying to get out of her contract by attacking the camera crew and consequently getting released.

It is unclear whether Alexis Skyy and Masika will meet during the season, but it is likely that the two will end up in the same event sooner or later.

The two exes of Fetty Wap traded words on Twitter a few months ago. Fetty Wap allegedly accused Alexis Skyy of leaking their sex tape and stated that Masika “trapped” him by getting pregnant.

Do you think their Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood feud is manufactured or real? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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