Karen King Denies Missing Car Payments That Led To Arrest, Confronts Crack Rumors

Karen King was in court on Monday in Atlanta. While there on a totally different matter, it was revealed to the judge that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star had an outstanding warrant for missing payments on her Maserati.

Karen was in court to deal with the identity fraud case from last year. Karen King was arrested after she and two other people were identified for allegedly working with two Saks Fifth Avenue employees in a scheme that had King walking out of the store with $5,000 in merchandise that she purchased with a stolen credit card.

It was reported that Karen worked out a deal with the two employees where she would share her profits with them for letting her use a card they knew didn’t belong to her. Unfortunately, when confronted with the crime, one of the store employees flipped on the LHHATL star, and she ended up getting arrested for her scheme.

Of course, much like the missed Maserati payments, Karen King insisted that she had nothing to do with the Saks Fifth Avenue embezzlement scheme. Never mind that her face was seen on the security cameras.


Fast forward to Karen King’s court date on Monday. While she was there, dealing with the identity fraud charges, it was revealed that King was in arrears on payments for the Maserati she purchased in 2014. Karen was accused of missing several months worth of payments before a judge approved a warrant to arrest King back in October according to TMZ.

Soon after the arrest warrant was signed, Karen King reportedly went radio silent until her court date this week. So when the judge found out about the warrant, he had King taken into custody. She was released later after posting $500 bond, but the Maserati was not impounded and is reportedly nowhere to be found.


After posting bail, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star spoke out about her arrest. She denies missing Maserati payments and insists that her latest arrest was “bogus.”

Karen also confronted rumors that she was on crack, leading to her look in the most recent mugshot picture added to her collection. King says she’s absolutely not on crack. Keep in mind she also denied ripping off Saks after she was seen on surveillance and she also denies missing car payments even though there’s a repo order and she was just arrested for it.

[Featured Image by Karen King/Instagram]