WWE Rumors: Roster Cuts May Be Coming Soon For All Brands – Who Could Be On The Chopping Block?

Every year, there is usually a “spring cleaning” session in WWE where numerous superstars are cut left without a job, but that hasn’t happened this year —
yet. It is something that always comes around March, although it is sometimes pushed to May. It’s a time when numerous WWE superstars are wished well on their future endeavors. While that didn’t transpire in 2017, there are now rumors swirling that budget cuts in the company could lead to some superstars losing their jobs.

It was recently revealed that there are a number of budget cuts being made soon to the WWE Network. One of those cuts may have been “Talking Smack,” but as Sports Illustrated reported, that show may have actually been cut from Tuesday nights due to the final word of Vince McMahon.

Other cuts that have happened lately are other shows being cut on the WWE Network and pyro not being used at any live events.

As little things are being cut here and there from different aspects of the company, many fans are wondering where they will go next. According to Cageside Seats, the rumor is that the next thing that could be done to help save money is a round of roster cuts.

wwe rumors roster cuts monday night raw nxt smackdown live network

It is not confirmed at this time, and the idea of roster cuts coming from WWE is just speculation, but it may make sense. With all of the trimmings happening to the network and some of the live event preparation, it might make sense due to the massive size of the current roster.

This may actually make another recent rumor make a lot more sense now.

Rumors of another Superstar Shake-Up have started going around lately, and it seems as if one may happen after SummerSlam. Not only would this one move around those on the rosters of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, but it could also see some moved from the main roster onto that of NXT, as reported by Sportskeeda.

Not only would this help shake things up in a much more drastic sense, but it could also help benefit some who are on the main roster and aren’t yet ready to be there.

wwe rumors roster cuts monday night raw nxt smackdown live network

If the rumors of WWE roster cuts continue and end up getting bigger, that will lead to the speculation about who may soon be without a job. It’s hard to say who would likely be cut, but there have been some signs of things possibly to come.

Cageside Seats realized that Raw superstar Curt Hawkins had recently lost his 100th consecutive match.

Jumping on the rumor of superstars possibly heading to NXT in another Shake-Up, Forbes released their list of those who could greatly benefit from it. That list includes Sami Zayn, The Ascension, Emma, Neville, Aiden English, and the recently hired Maria and Mike Kanellis.

Bleacher Report added Apollo Crews, Dana Brooke, Tye Dillinger, and Lana to that list of those who would get some added help in NXT. While this isn’t a sure sign that they could be cut, it could put some of these superstars on the cutting edge if WWE is looking to get rid of some people.

It happens every year, and each time, there are a few surprise names who end up being wished well on their future endeavors by WWE. Right now, the discussion of roster cuts happening is nothing more than a rumor, but it does seem quite logical. With the budget cuts happening to the network and some of the production at live events, there may be some superstars who are sitting on the bubble.

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