Virginia Mom Allegedly Kills 6-Year-Old Daughter To Save Her From Aliens

A Virginia mother allegedly told investigators that she murdered her daughter to send her to heaven because aliens were after her.

According to People, Darla Elizabeth Hise was charged with first-degree murder in the shotgun slaying of her 6-year-old daughter, Abigail Grace Rise. The tragic incident occurred at their Hot Spring residence on February 6. Hise went on to call 911 several times and tell the dispatcher that her daughter had been shot.

However, she refused to provide her name or address. Police eventually traced the call and found Abigail dead from a single gunshot wound. Her 3-year-old son was found unharmed and has been placed under the care of family members. Investigators say that the 27-year-old woman also planned on killing her son.

The 27-year-old woman made the controversial statement about aliens in a hospital after complaining about abdominal pains and anxiety. Her attorney, Tony Anderson, has asked for a motion for the statement to be struck out, explaining that Hise’s protracted drug use and mental condition hindered her from enforcing her right to remain silent without a lawyer present. Tests showed that Hise had been using amphetamines, methamphetamines, and marijuana for three weeks leading to the shooting incident.

Court documents made available to New York Daily News confirmed that the 27-year-old admitted to shooting her daughter. The mother of two was speaking incoherently and was diagnosed with the probability of suffering from drug-induced or PTSD psychosis. A police report divulged that Hise shot and killed her daughter because she had “aliens in her body and wanted them removed from her stomach.”

Anderson argues that Darla Elizabeth Hise signed a waiver of her Miranda rights and therefore her statement is inadmissible in a court of law.

“In this case, the evidence will show that Hise’s drug use and psychosis prevented her from being fully aware that she was abandoning her right against self-incrimination and to counsel and the consequences of abandoning those rights.”

Apart from being charged with first-degree murder, Darla Elizabeth Hise is also to be arraigned for attempted murder, two counts of use of a firearm, possession of methamphetamine, and possessing a gun with drugs. She is scheduled to go to trial August 23.

Roanoke News is reporting that Hise’s attorney is asking for the trial to be moved from Bath County, Virginia. His argument is that the media coverage of the case has “evoked great passion and prejudice in the community.” Bath County has less than 5,000 inhabitants; Anderson is arguing that given the size of the community, residents would have ample knowledge of the case and know the witnesses meant to testify at the trial and probably influence their judgment.

Bath County last had a homicide in 2009 when Beacher Hackney, a janitor at the Omni Homestead resort hotel shot his kitchen supervisors and strolled calmly out the back door of the hotel. The 59-year-old man had been enraged that his supervisors had assigned him to the hectic dinner shift.

A massive manhunt was launched for Hackney, and he was on the list of America’s most wanted fugitives with a $25,000 reward.

His decomposing remains were found in Bath County woods in 2012.

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