WWE News: Matt Hardy Brings Back 'Broken Matt' For An Interview After 'Monday Night Raw' [VIDEO]

The battle between WWE superstar Matt Hardy and GFW Impact Wrestling over the Broken Matt gimmick seems to have reached a standstill but after Monday Night Raw, it seems the WWE is willing to push the boundaries of what Matt and Jeff Hardy do when it comes to their "Broken Brilliance."

Matt Hardy Feels Reawakened

On Monday Night Raw, the Hardy Boyz fought Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (The Club). The Hardys won the match and then a three-way brawl broke out that saw Jeff and Matt Hardy come out on top by taking out both Anderson and Gallows and The Revival after the match.

Michael Cole was calling the match and said that it looked like something had "awakened" in the Hardy Boyz during the match. After Monday Night Raw, there was a WWE exclusive interview backstage with the Hardys and Mike Rome mentioned to the Hardys what Cole had said.

Jeff Hardy started off by talking about how they feel like No. 1 contenders again and feel revived, a nice change after suffering a number of tough losses and beatdowns after losing their titles to Sheamus and Cesaro. He then asked Matt Hardy how he felt.

Matt Hardy then got that wild-eyed look that he did when he took on the role of Broken Matt and stretched his arms out in a way that Impact Wrestling fans remember well. Hardy began to talk in his faux British accent and said he feels revived as well and feels both "triggered" and "woken."

Matt Hardy said there was an awakening that happened within both him and Jeff Hardy. Matt then said that they have run the tag team division for a quarter century and will run it again forever. Matt then finished with a maniacal laugh as Jeff began to look into the sky in wonder.

The Hardy Boyz, in that instant, became "Broken Brilliance" once again.

WWE News: Matt Hardy Brings Back 'Broken Matt' For An Interview After 'Monday Night Raw'
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Will the WWE follow through?

As the WWE has proven with things like Talking Smack, they are not always going to follow up things that happen when it comes to television shows. When The Miz and Daniel Bryan had their groundbreaking promo on SmackDown Live, the WWE didn't follow through until much later.

Just because Matt Hardy became Broken Matt once again in a backstage WWE.com exclusive, it doesn't mean the WWE will bring "Broken Brilliance" to Monday Night Raw.

WWE News: Matt Hardy Brings Back 'Broken Matt' For An Interview After 'Monday Night Raw'
[Image by WWE]

One thing to take into account is that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) initially refused all four Broken Universe trademarks that GFW Impact Wrestling tried to apply for. The reason for the rejection of "Broken Matt" and "Brother Nero" is that they represent Jeff Nero Hardy and Matt Hardy and GFW has to have their agreement to trademark their names.

With that said, there is always a chance that the WWE might feel safe in having the Hardy Boyz start to perform under their Broken Brilliance characters as long as they don't use the exact "Broken" wording that they used in Impact Wrestling. The backstage Monday Night Raw interview might just be the start.

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