Amanda LaRoque’s Facebook Video: North Carolina Woman Travels To Honduras To Buy Vacation Home, Ends Up Jailed

Amanda LaRoque's Facebook Video: North Carolina Woman Travels To Honduras To Buy Vacation Home, Ends Up Jailed

The Facebook video of Amanda LaRoque, posted by her husband, Brandon LaRoque, pleads for people to “Please share.” Brandon explains the plight of his wife Amanda: “Locked up abroad. This is my wife, owner of The Goat in Raleigh.” According to Heavy, LaRoque had flown down to Honduras to Roatan, an island that is located in one of Honduras’s Caribbean Bay Islands. The 51-year-old Amanda owns The Goat Bar, a sports bar in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Amanda went there to find a vacation home to buy, but LaRoque ended up detained in Honduras due to confusion over a “Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe Stash Can with Human Friendly Smell-Proof Bag” product that can be seen on Amazon. As seen on Amazon, the product is a “fake safe,” made from a real Arizona Green Tea can, but hollowed out so that people can place their valuables inside. In order to make the can weighted, like the weight of a full drink, there is a lining that contains a sort of Plaster of Paris product.

That’s the stuff that Amanda said Honduran officials confused for drugs. Now, LaRoque is being held by police in Honduras for at least 10 days, until they can test the crumbling substance and make sure it’s not drugs. The Facebook video has gotten more than 57,000 views thus far.

LaRoque said that once officials saw the can, they escorted Amanda to a back room and cut it open and saw the substance in the lining and assumed it was drugs. Meanwhile, folks are busy defending Amanda below the viral video, saying she doesn’t use drugs.

According to the Raleigh News & Observer, Amanda’s mother, Barbara Levy, called her daughter’s plight a “horror story,” telling the publication that she does not want LaRoque in a Honduran jail. Amanda has no criminal records in North Carolina – only minor traffic offenses.

Brandon LaRoque also posted a video, explaining that on Monday he would be on his way to Honduras to see his wife. Amanda traveled to the region with a friend, and took $3,000 in cash with her, since she assumed most places would only take cash.

They also planned to travel to Nicaragua, scouting out locations to potentially open a new bar. However, Amanda ended up in the Honduras prison called “The Cage,” after being arrested for drug charges that her family says aren’t true. LaRoque said no one speaks English there and that she needs to leave and go to a hospital.

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