‘Outdaughtered’: Did Adam And Danielle Busby Use Fertility Drugs To Have Their Six Daughters?

Did Outdaughtered stars Adam and Danielle Busby have their children naturally or resort to fertility treatments?

Intouch Weekly is reporting that Adam and Danielle Busby did not have it easy starting a family and had to resort to fertility treatments after struggling for nine months to conceive. Danielle Busby, openly admitted on her blog that her husband’s sperm count, testosterone, and motility was low. The 33-year-old also revealed that her pregnancy situation became even more complicated when her gynecologist discovered that she was ovulating erratically.

Danielle said that her husband was highly recommended to a urologist who put him on the drug Clomoid for three months to improve his sperm. Danielle was also put on the drug to increase her egg production and ovulate more frequently. According to her, even though Adam’s sperm count increased, his motility did not improve. Sperm motility is the ability of spermatozoa to swim through the female reproductive tract and fertilize the female egg.

It was this challenging juncture that the doctor recommended intrauterine insemination to the couple.

Danielle was reproducing more eggs and had to keep an avalanche of appointments and ultrasounds because her doctor wanted to monitor how many eggs she was producing and make accurate ovulation projections. Once her ovulation projections were confirmed, Adam’s sperm samples were injected into Danielle’s cervix in an attempt to accelerate sperm movement to her eggs.


The couple, who first met in 2003 as Target employees, went through the IUI procedure for five months without any success. The patience of the Busbys was wearing thin as they saw the procedure as time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. When the doctor recommended in vitro fertilization, a process that uses spermatozoa to fertilize eggs in a culture dish before planting the embryo into the uterus of a potential mother, the couple decided to take a break from trying.

The Busbys turned to God to ease the stress and after some time, kick-started the IU procedure again albeit with a different drug: Femara. On the last day of one of her cycles, Danielle found out she was pregnant with Princess Blayke.

Despite the arrival of their first child, things proved to be even more difficult as the Busbys waited another four years before adding to their family. However, with the determination and doggedness the couple showed with their initial pregnancy, they weathered the storm and had five more children.


Danielle in her blog post revealed that she was overjoyed when her HCG levels confirmed that she was pregnant again. She was told by friends and family that she was probably carrying twins because of her 580 HCG levels. But when the numbers spiked to 3200, she knew she was carrying a whole lot more. An ultrasound confirmed that she was carrying quintuplets.

Danielle gave birth to her five healthy baby girls April 8, 2015. The Daily Mail is reporting that she is the first ever American female to give birth to all-girl quintuplets and the first in the world since 1969.

The independent beauty consultant had a cesarean section at 28 weeks to give the babies the highest chance of survival.

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