‘Little People, Big World’: Audrey Roloff Shows Off Adorable Baby Nursery

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff pose for selfie

In just four weeks, Little People, Big World stars Jeremy and Audrey Roloff will welcome their first child–a baby girl!–into the world.

In anticipation of the big day, the couple has been hard at work renovating the $465,000 Portland, Oregon, home they purchased a few months ago, including preparing their daughter’s nursery. In an Instagram post on Monday, July 31, Audrey said that their house “is still finished and most of our stuff is still boxed up in the garage,” but that the nursery was starting to come together.

Accompanying the post is a photo of Audrey sitting in an upholstered rocking chair, her bare baby bump looking like it’s ready to burst. To her left, an absolutely adorable “sheepy rocker” sits next to her on the floor, and to her right side is what appears to be a changing table. The walls are painted clean white, and laying on the floors are a white throw rug and a white carpet with a black diamond pattern.

Audrey told Little People, Big World fans that she ordered most of the items for the nursery from Wayfair. She also said that she and Jeremy hope to move into their new home soon, because she is “definitely starting to have a strong urge to settle.”

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It’s good to see that things are once again looking idyllic in Jeremy and Audrey’s world. As Inquisitr previously reported, Audrey took to Instagram on Friday (July 28) to vent about a fight she had with Jeremy on Thursday night. Apparently, it was a pretty heated argument, and Audrey admitted she had been feeling angry and bitter toward Jeremy, which she felt showed “bad sportsmanship.”

However, whatever the argument was about, it seems to be in the past, and Auj and Jer are back in full nesting mode, getting prepared for Aug. 31 — the day their baby girl is due to arrive!

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Of course, Little People, Big World fans know that this has already been a huge year for the Roloff family. On May 12, Zach and Tori Roloff had their son, Jackson, and Molly Roloff will be getting married at Roloff Farms in just a few days.

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LPBW fans, what do you think of Audrey Roloff’s baby nursery? Do you hope future episodes of the show will include the birth of Auj and Jer’s baby and Molly’s wedding?

Little People, Big World returns to TLC in September.

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