‘Breaking Amish’ News: Jeremiah, Carmela Raber Call It Quits, Details Revealed

Fans of Breaking Amish know that Carmela and Jeremiah Raber have a few issues in their marriage. It turns out that he has now kicked her out and is moving on. Jeremiah went to Periscope to share all of the details in an 18-minute video. The video is called “I finally did it.”

This video is just Jeremiah talking to his fans. He starts out saying that he finally got smart. Of course, he means that splitting from Carmela was his smart move. He even asks the fans if they are sure they want to know what he is talking about. Jeremiah then explains that he will no longer be told that he can’t have social networks. He also goes on to say that he won’t let her disrespect his kids.

Jeremiah Raber explains that he told her to leave and kicked her out. He even says that they will be going through a divorce. It sounds like his big issue is that she was disrespecting his kids. Jeremiah also says that when she said he laid his hands on her, some of it is not true, and he also has pictures of her hitting him and destroying the house. Jeremiah revealed that he stayed quiet so he would be the bigger person.

Another thing Jeremiah didn’t hold back on was that she has said he couldn’t handle money. He shared that he pays all of the bills and even spends a lot of money on her. Jeremiah said she asked for their big television, and he told her yes, but he wanted the $11,000 ring he gave her back, but instead, she gave him some fake ring and took the real one with her.


Another thing Jeremiah shared was that they had planned to go to counseling, but then she refused to go and also refused to take him to his appointment. He did say that he will keep going to counseling for himself, though. He even teased that he is one step ahead of her, but he wouldn’t say what it was that makes him that way. It sounds like Jeremiah is moving on. Someone noticed during the video that he still had his wedding ring on, and he said that it was time to take it off and went ahead and removed it.

His daughter was in the room during the video and said that Carmela called his oldest daughter a liar. He was upset that she disrespected his kids so many times. Jeremiah did say she can be an awesome person sometimes, but she needed counseling and refused to go with him as planned.

Are you shocked to hear that Jeremiah and Carmela Raber are calling it quits? Do you feel like they should work it out? Sound off in the comments section below. At this time, there is no news if Breaking Amish will return for another season.


[Featured Image by Jeremiah Raber/Instagram]