Behind The ‘Trump Divorce’: New Info On Lynn Aronberg’s Trump Selfies, Dinner With Don Jr., Divorce From Dave

Selfies with President Donald Trump are being blamed for a woman’s divorce, earning the divorce the nickname “the Trump Divorce.” Lynn and Dave Aronberg — who can be seen in the above photo with Audra Martin, Miss University of Central Florida, in 2008 — made news when their separation was dubbed “the Trump Divorce.” Lynn is a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, and according to the Washington Post, it was Lynn’s selfies with Trump (like the one shown below) that caused a rift in her marriage.

Lynn is an avid supporter of Trump, and her devotion to Trump caused Lynn to claim she had feelings of isolation in her marriage to Dave. State Attorney Aronberg had requested Lynn’s hand in marriage on top of the Eiffel Tower years ago, and Lynn agreed to marriage even though Lynn was a dyed-in-the-wool Republican who called Aronberg “a short Democrat.”

Married in 2015, Aronberg, 37, had a wife nearly 10 years his junior and whose liberal friends viewed as sort of unsophisticated. When the Hillary-Trump campaign arose, so did tension in the marriage. Aronberg had visited Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in spite of supporting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race. Lynn has loved Trump since she saw Trump on The Apprentice — and even named her dog Ivanka.

But while Lynn walked the red carpet at Mar-a-Lago, Dave sneaked through the bushes instead of being photographed with Donald and Melania Trump. Dave asked Lynn not to take photos with Trump and not to post the photos. Lynn posted them anyway, with Aronberg being photographed with Melania Trump several times, as seen on Lynn’s Facebook page.

Lynn called Trump “really nice,” and Trump even asked Dave how he pulled off a marriage to Lynn.

“He’s like: ‘Dave: How did you get her to marry you?'”

Now, the selfies with Trump are being blamed as part of the reason for the “Trump Divorce,” as Dave’s supporters would phone and ask him about the photos with Donald and Melania. Lynn didn’t think it was a problem that she liked Ivanka Trump or invited Melania to be in her book group. However, Dave found it problematic. Lynn had a problem with the couple not having children.

Dave could potentially run for U.S. Congress, and Lynn’s gain for signing on the dotted line of the so-called “Trump Divorce” papers included $100,000 worth of “goodies.” Meanwhile, Lynn and Aronberg are still friends, and Lynn looks forward to her dinner plans with Donald Trump Jr.

[Featured Image by Phil Coale/AP Images]