‘Real Housewives Of New York’: Luann Defends Marriage As Tom Is On The Prowl, Do They Have An Understanding?

The stories about Real Housewives of New York star Luann D’Agostino fiercely defending her marriage to new husband Tom D’Agostino while Tom is spotted cozying up to yet another woman are getting old, yet they persist. Many fans wonder if Countess Luann doth protest too much and if she and Tom have some sort of understanding. But RHONY’s Luann is having a very hard time controlling what gets out in the media while the couple is in the summer playground of the Hamptons.

Friends have confirmed there is a great deal of conflict between the two and that Tom D’Agostino hates The Real Housewives of New York. However, some think that he just doesn’t like the scrutiny that the cameras provide, and friends say Luann and Tom are struggling.

“It isn’t exactly a match made in heaven. He hates the whole reality [TV] thing, he doesn’t want the attention or the scrutiny.”

Others say that Luann and Tom got married way too fast.

“There has been friction from the start. They got married so fast, they didn’t really know each other. She’s a drama queen.”

Tom is over RHONY, but Luann is not willing to quit just yet, even to save her marriage.

Supposedly, while Luann was hanging with former Real Housewives of New York Jill Zarin at a charity event, Tom was trolling the bars in the Hamptons. Word is that Tom hasn’t sworn off all of his old girlfriends like Ramona and Sonja.

“An attractive blond woman at [famed dive bar] Murf’s in Sag Harbor was seen getting a text from “D’Agostino… one of her friends blurted out, ‘That’s her married ex-boyfriend Tom, who’s still in love with her.'”

Tom then made an appearance at Murfs soon after the texting stopped. Tom’s rep said he was in Sag Harbor but nowhere near Murfs. Tom insists that he spent the weekend at his wife Luann’s side.

“Luann and I had a great weekend together in the Hamptons. We went to a dinner party together and I went out to meet our mutual friends for drinks after. Luann knew where I was and who I was with. There is no story here.”

Luann also stated the same line: there is “no story.”

Now, the “open marriage” rumors that dogged RHONY star Countess Luann after her marriage to Count Alexandre DeLesseps started to unravel have started again, and much like last time, she doesn’t like it. When Bethenny talked to Luann about her open marriage to the Count, Luann was appalled, saying they had no such arrangement but that the marriage devolved after Alex started cheating, so she found herself alternate company as their divorce was pending.

And speaking of Bethenny, rumor has it that Luann thinks Bethenny is behind the leaks about herself and Tom.

“Bethenny has a long history with leaking items on the cast. She knows everyone at the gossip columns and has them all on speed dial. Whenever something leaks the ladies all look at Bethenny first.”

But if last week’s Real Housewives of New York episode tells fans anything, it’s that Ramona and Sonja are usually the suspected leakers.


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But anonymous sources and social media are not allowing RHONY star Luann a hall pass on her denial that she isn’t once again in an open relationship. Fans aren’t buying the idea that everything is well and they are faithful to each other.

“For someone who claims they didn’t like their open first marriage, Luann is sure sprinkling open marriage ingredients on this one.”

Others are teasing tongue in cheek that the open marriage thing is obvious.

“They need to let Luann have her open marriage and be happy.”

What do you think is really going on with The Real Housewives of New York star Luann and Tom D’Agostino?

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