‘Vikings’ Season 5: Here’s How Sigurd’s Death Will Change The Fate Of Ragnar Lothbrok’s Sons


In Vikings, the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok are all destined for greatness. However, the unexpected death of Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye in the Season 4 finale was proof that they are not invincible.

But is it possible that Sigurd’s death has changed the course of history for his remaining brothers? Bjorn Ironside might still set off to conquer the Mediterranean in Vikings Season 5, but Aslaug’s sons could end up fighting over who should be the next King of Kattegat.

The fifth season of Vikings recently had a jaw-dropping presentation at the San Diego Comic-Con that included a surprise appearance from Travis Fimmel and an elaborate Viking funeral featuring the burning of a longship. A new trailer was also unveiled, and it looks like Ragnar’s sons have been driven apart by similar ambitions.

The main conflict appears to be between Ubbe and Ivar the Boneless, who have undoubtedly started drifting apart since the youngest Lothbrok accidentally killed Sigurd. However, it is possible that the brothers will completely fall apart when Ivar decides he should rule Kattegat.

It’s no secret that Ubbe believes he should be the next king. When Ragnar returned to Kattegat and demanded that someone kill him to take his place in the fourth season, Ubbe almost accepted his father’s challenge. His new alliance with Lagertha in Vikings Season 5 could help him finally realize his ambition.

Ivar the Boneless and Ubbe are set to clash in 'Vikings' Season 5. [Image by Vikings/History]
Ivar the Boneless and Ubbe are set to clash in 'Vikings' Season 5. [Image by Vikings/History]Featured image credit: VikingsHistory

Is it possible that Ivar the Boneless will be the new King of Kattegat? It might take some time for that since Vikings creator Michael Hirst confirmed with Entertainment Weekly that Ivar will take over York and go up against Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ Bishop Heahmund. Ivar’s expected victory could eventually lead him back home to finally fulfill his vow to kill Lagertha and become a ruler.

What will happen to Hvitserk in 'Vikings' Season 5? [Image by Vikings/History]
What will happen to Hvitserk in 'Vikings' Season 5? [Image by Vikings/History]Featured image credit: VikingsHistory

Ubbe and Ivar the Boneless are already set to be on opposing sides in the upcoming civil war, but what will happen to their other brother, Hvitserk? Aslaug’s second son is shown on the battlefield, but his fate might also lead him elsewhere. Some believe that Hvitserk will once again join Bjorn in his journey to the Mediterranean instead of fighting for the right to be king.

Vikings Season 5 kicks off with a two-hour premiere on History on November 29.

[Featured Image by Vikings/History]