Chris Christie, His Nachos, And A Cubs Fan Heckler In Milwaukee: Watch The Video, View Nacho Toppings [Video]

Chris Christie’s relationship with nachos is being examined closely on Monday, July 31. Christie and his nachos are going viral after the ​New Jersey governor turned around and climbed the stairs at a game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Chicago Cubs to face a Cubs fan who told Christie he “sucked” and called him a “hypocrite.”

As seen in the below videos, Brad Joseph was the man who yelled out Christie’s name at Miller Park in Milwaukee, according to WISN. The confrontation forced Christie to turn around, nachos in hand, and get in Brad’s face for what felt like a long time, according to Joseph. But Brad said it was only approximately 30 seconds or so. Brad said he felt like he needed to call Christie a hypocrite.

Folks on Twitter are focusing on Christie’s nachos, with some people telling Joseph that he should have grabbed one of Chris’ nachos as Christie held the nachos in front of him.

Christie’s love of food has been mocked by social media users in the past, and Chris has spoken about his own struggles with his weight. As seen in the above photo, Chris ate a deep-fried peanut and butter and jelly sandwich at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines on Saturday, August 22, 2015. Now, people are examining Christie’s “nacho game” and how much his nachos have improved, as seen in the below photo.

As reported by ABC News, Joseph felt the wrath of Christie and his nachos after the governor had already passed him and turned around to confront the Cubs fan.

Joseph thought Christie’s quip about having another beer was quite a good comeback, even though Brad said he wasn’t really drinking. Brad doesn’t appear to mention Christie’s nachos, at least not in the video footage going viral on Monday.

Christie’s recent nachos are being compared to nachos from the past. As seen in the above photo, Christie’s nachos from 2014 are being called pretty basic and uninspired. However, Christie’s nachos from the Milwaukee Brewers game, as seen in videos and photos from “nacho-gate,” appear to have a salsa topping and, perhaps, cheese. The nachos photographed from years ago may strictly have cheese. There’s no information on whether Christie enjoyed jalapenos with his nachos.

As reported by the Washington Post, Christie asked Brad to have another beer — a drink that goes well with nachos.


[Featured Image by Paul Sancya/AP Images]