Did Anthony Scaramucci Meet His Newborn Son Born Monday Over Weekend For First Time?

The news broke on Friday that Anthony Scaramucci’s wife had filed for divorce, but what wasn’t known by the masses at the time was that his wife had just given birth to their second son. Deidre Ball and Anthony Scaramucci’s baby boy was born last Monday while Scaramucci was off with Trump at the Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, according to reports.

Scaramucci was seen arriving at his Long Island home on Saturday, five days after the birth of the baby, with reports saying he got to meet the boy they have named James for the first time on Friday. Scaramucci reportedly visited his son in the intensive care unit at the hospital on Friday. Scaramucci arrived at his Long Island residence the day after the news of his divorce hit the headlines.

According to the Daily Mail, Deidre Ball filed for divorce in the beginning of July when she was eight months pregnant. The baby came early; he was born two weeks before Ball’s due date. According to reports when Scaramucci got the news that his son was born, he sent his wife a text that said: “Congratulations, I’ll pray for our child.”

Scaramucci’s arrival home on Saturday was captured by the peering eyes of reporters. The Daily Mail describes the scene as Scaramucci pulling into his Manhasset home’s garage as his wife Deidre “peered out from the doorway upon his arrival.” She was dressed in skinny jeans and a black tank top.

According to the Daily Mail, Deidre gave birth to their new baby, James, on Monday, July 24 at the Lenox Hill Hospital on the Upper East Side. The baby’s due date was August 8, so he was born two weeks early. James weighed five pounds, 13 ounces at birth.

On Thursday, July 27, the baby was admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit in a hospital located in Manhasset, New York, which is the town they live in on Long Island. The child entered the hospital on Thursday, but Scramucci flew with Trump to New York on board Air Force One on Friday, July 28. He didn’t go to the hospital when arriving in New York, Scaramucci attended Trump’s speech.

Sources indicate that Scaramucci visited his son in that hospital on Friday night and then he was seen the next day, Saturday, July 29, pulling into his Long Island home.

There is no word as to why the newborn son of the new White House Communications Director is in the hospital. This is the second marriage for both Ball, 38, and Scaramucci, 53. Ball has two children with Scaramucci, Nicolas, who was born in 2014 and their newborn baby James. Scaramucci also has three children from his previous marriage. They are Alexander, 24, who goes by AJ, Amelia, 21, and Anthony Jr., 18.

According to Page Six, there is a lot of he said, she said, news as to why the couple is divorcing. Anthony’s mother, who also lives on Long Island, has not seen her newborn grandson as of yet. When asked via a phone call from Page Six she said, “No, I haven’t. There’s a reason for it and I don’t want to discuss it.”

One source told Page Six, about their pending divorce, “She’s mad [Deidre]. They aren’t really speaking right now. The [pain] runs deep. [Anthony] tells her she’s not that smart, that he’s out of her league.”

Another source said, “he [Scaramucci] was actually the victim of his wife’s verbal abuse: She would say, ‘You’re a grifter, you’re this.’ She would mock him for being a Trump sycophant.”

Still another source suggests to Page Six that their marriage fell apart when Deidre stopped being “arm candy” for Scaramucci but instead became a mother of his children. The source said, “The big shift began when Deidre went from being arm candy to [being a mother] and being unavailable for nights out [and hobnobbing].”

Scaramucci sent out a tweet to the masses last week basically asking the media to leave his family out of this. He conveyed that he can take the hits, but he didn’t want his family to have to endure this. Despite Scaramucci being new to politics, he had to know that his life became an open book for the masses as soon as he accepted the White House post. So far there doesn’t seem to be anyone affiliated with the Trump administration who is immune from being thoroughly examined in the press.

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