‘BB19’ Spoilers: Paul Considers His POV Options, Jessica Flip-Flops About Using The Temptation

BB19 spoilers tease Paul Abrahamian weighs his options about who to save with the POV tomorrow morning. Ever since winning the competition on Saturday night, Paul intended to save Jason Dent from the chopping block. However, Paul made a deal with Jessica Graf about her temptation, and it has put him in a jam. Big Brother 19 spoilers suggest that he knows if he used the POV on Jessica, it would show her that she isn’t his target.

To recap BB19 Week 5 so far, Paul won the HOH on Thursday evening. On Friday, he nominated Jessica and Cody Nickson for eviction. Jessica announced that she had a Halting Hex temptation that could keep her safe. Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Jason was put on the block as a third nominee after he lost the temptation competition. On Saturday, Paul won the POV competition, giving him the opportunity to save one of the three nominees.

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Paul weighs his POV options. He could save Jason from the chopping block. That has been the plan all along, considering he is one of his closest allies. Paul knows that if he took Jessica off the block, it could make her feel safe and less likely to use the hex to stop the eviction. BB19 spoilers reveal that Paul feels torn about that he should do. He said that he is leaning toward pulling Jessica off and putting Elena Davies in her place.


Big Brother 19 spoilers state Paul and Jessica made a deal. Jessica won’t use the hex this week, and he won’t target her for at least two weeks. Online Big Brother reported that Paul agreed to target Alex Ow next week, which he admitted was his plan anyway. Jessica isn’t sure if getting rid of Cody is the right BB19 game move. She has a feeling that Paul is tricking her and he will get rid of her during Week 6.

Big Brother is a hard game to play, and Cody doesn’t handle the stress well. Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Jessica told Paul that if they plan to send him home this week to be nice to him until eviction night. She added that he’s a great guy—he just can’t handle the stress of the game.


There are still four more days until the live eviction. The Big Brother fans will probably see Jessica flip-flop several times before then. Should Paul use the POV to save one of the nominees? Do you think Jessica will use the Halting Hex to keep Cody in the BB19 house? Don’t forget to come back later for more Big Brother 19 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.


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