Controversial Cult Classic ‘Night Trap’ Set To Re-Release In August

Night Trap, the notoriously infamous FMV game from the 1990s, is set to release on both PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs (via Steam) in August, with an Xbox One version to release sometime after.

For those who don’t quite remember all the details, here’s a quick refresher. Night Trap was a full-motion video (FMV) game which originally released on the ill-conceived Sega CD, a disc-based peripheral of sorts, which only worked when plugged into Sega Genesis/Mega Drive consoles. The game, which starred then-famous teenage actress Dana Plato, was comprised of live-action cutscenes, which the player could influence through correctly (or mistimed) button presses. An interactive movie of sorts, the plot revolved around a young group of teenage girls spending the night at a friend’s house, which, unbeknownst to them, is being invaded by bloodthirsty vampires. Working alongside Plato (who plays an undercover agent), the player must trap the vampiric beings before they capture any of the young girls, by using a series of traps and various security camera feeds placed around the house.

This remastered version, which features a new behind-the-scenes documentary, deleted scenes, and a theater mode (allowing players to watch the game’s cutscenes), will also see a release as a physical product. Limited Run Games, who are handling said release, will also have a limited edition available, which comes with a cassette tape of the game’s cheesy theme song, along with a poster and a custom embroidered patch.


While Night Trap originally released to low sales figures and mixed reception from fans and critics alike, the game was thrust into the spotlight during a series of Congressional hearings on video game violence. Spearheaded by then senators Joe Lieberman and Herb Kohl, Night Trap was one of the games that were displayed during said hearings. Specifically, a cutscene (involving the aforementioned vampires and an unsuspecting teenage girl) was used to show that video games had become too violent and realistic for young children.


As a result of said hearings, the Entertainment Software Rating Board was created, which serves as the flagship organization that oversees video game age and content ratings. On the other hand, Night Trap saw a massive leap in sales, though it was taken off store shelves for a small period. Despite a boost in sales, the last version of Night Trap was released in 1995, leaving fans without a way to experience the game on newer hardware.

Night Trap is set to release on August 15 on PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs. Physical versions will be made available for pre-order on August 11.

[Featured Image by Screaming Villains]