WWE Spoilers: Violent Triple Threat Main Event And WWE Teases Another Reunion Of The Shield On ‘Raw’

After last week’s huge announcement that the WWE Universal Championship would be on the line in a Fatal 4-Way at SummerSlam, things are only going to get better on Monday Night Raw this week. After Kurt Angle’s big reveal, he decided to put three of the men in the match to the test and they will battle it out in a Triple Threat main event on Monday. Making matters even better, though, is that WWE continues to tease a reunion of The Shield, but will it happen?

The official website of WWE released their full preview for this week’s Raw, and there are going to be a number of advancements in storylines. Of course, the biggest thing of all will be a main event that has three of the top guys in the company battling it out for bragging rights.

Three’s a crowd

Brock Lesnar is the WWE Universal Champion which means he gets the benefit of having the night off on Monday Night Raw, but his upcoming opponents will not. The main event of this week’s Team Red episode will see Roman Reigns face off against Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman in a what will surely be a violent Triple Threat Match.

The winner of this match could have the upper-hand going into SummerSlam, but the added trouble of Brock Lesnar will change all of that.

Brothers in arms

For a couple of weeks now, Dean Ambrose has seen himself receive help from Seth Rollins as he’s been outnumbered by The Miztourage. Last week, the two former brothers won a huge handicap match and the post-match showed some celebrations that made it seems as if they were on the same page once again.

That is until Ambrose turned away from Seth Rollins offering up the signature pose of The Shield.

wwe spoilers monday night raw the shield reunion triple threat brock lesnar hardy boyz
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WWE continues to tease a reunion of The Shield (at least two members of it), but is it all leading to something more?

Jason Jordan to speak out on “Miz TV”

When Jason Jordan was announced as Raw General Manager Kurt Angle’s son, it opened up a whole new line of possibilities. Last week, Jordan had his first match for Team Red and this week, he will speak out on “Miz TV” about being revealed as the son of a former Olympian.

Hardy Boyz and “good brothers,” meet Team Red’s “top guys”

The Revival was able to get the best of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson last week on Raw, but the Hardy Boyz made sure they paid for it after the match. Dawson and Wilder consider themselves to be the “top guys” on Monday nights, and they’re going to take out as many teams as possible to prove it.

As time goes on, The Revival have their eyes on the titles held by Sheamus and Cesaro, but they’ll need to get past Matt and Jeff first.

wwe spoilers monday night raw the shield reunion triple threat brock lesnar hardy boyz
[Image by WWE]

Balor to Wyatt: “Let’s play”

Finn Balor has had to deal with the big-time fight that Elias (Samson) has brought at him the past couple of weeks, but there are more dangerous superstars lurking around. Bray Wyatt is ready to bring more pain to Balor, but “The Demon” said he’s ready to play whatever games Bray wants to play.

SummerSlam really is one of the biggest pay-per-view events of the year for WWE, and right now, they could use something to jump up the ratings. This week’s Monday Night Raw is already setting up to be a big one based off of the preview, but it needs to live up to the hype. The massive Triple Threat main event involving Brock Lesnar’s opponents and the constant teases of The Shield are ways to bring in the fans, but WWE needs to keep their attention for all three hours.

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