Scaramucci’s Friend Apologizes Bashing Reince Priebus And Claiming He Had An Affair

Anthony Scaramucci’s friend, Arthur Schwartz, has got some explaining to do. Schwartz went after former Chief Of Staff, Reince Preibus, and accused him of having an affair, But now Schwartz is saying that his statement was not true and he’s apologizing for it, The New York Daily News reports.

“It’s just rumors that have been going around for a while,” Arthur Schwartz said to the NYDN.

“I wasn’t expecting anybody to pick up on it…It was a mistake and I regret it and I apologize to Reince.”

He also tried to apologize and explain himself on Twitter but said that he didn’t think that Priebus was going to forgive him. Schwartz later tweeted that Reince had “accepted his apology.”

“.@Reince is a better man than me; he accepted my apology. I did something stupid and I’m embarrassed. Keep the hits coming – I deserve it,” Schwartz wrote.

But, The NYDN reports that CNN anchor Jake Tapper tweeted that a source had told him that Priebus never spoke to Schwartz. Schwartz, a former executive at a PR firm in New York, started this feud when he tweeted the following.

“Hey @Reince45. Oops; @Reince – you’re unemployed now. Keep pushing this crap & I’ll start dropping oppo on you. Mistress much,?”

As Mic reports, Schwartz also went on to admit to Reince Priebus that he was the person who was previously trashing him in the press. He also threatened that he would start doing that again.

According to Mic, Schwartz’s Twitter rant against Priebus was prompted by a belief that the former chief of staff was leaking damaging information about “The Mooch” to the press. Schwartz allegedly believed that Priebus told the media that he’d discouraged Trump from hiring Scaramucci because it would tie The White House to the CNA company, a Chinese conglomerate that bought Scaramucci’s company.

On Sunday Schwartz and Jake Tapper argued on Twitter over whether he’d ever worked as Scaramucci’s publicist, a claim that Schwartz has denied. His Twitter bio currently says that he’s “not Scaramucci’s publicist.”

This online feud between Schwartz and Reince Priebus comes after an explosive week at The White House that was capped off with the Priebus’ resignation. During his first week on the job, Scarmucci gave a profanity laden interview to the New Yorker where he called Priebus’ mental health into question and said that Steve Bannon is trying to “suck his own c**k” i.e. build a name himself off of the back of President Trump.


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