Kristen Jennings’ Facebook Rant: 28-Year-Old Says Eric Torrez, 41, Beat Her – 2 Days Later, Cops Think He Died

Kristen Jennings posted a rant on Facebook on July 19, at 8:08 a.m., and now that rant is going viral. As of this writing, the below Facebook post is still public, which starts off by telling Jennings’ Facebook readers that she was feeling very angry that morning.

“Kristen Jennings was feeling angry.”

Kristen’s Facebook post claims that an abusive man was not indicted and that she was “seriously done with the ‘legal’ way of doing this!!!!” Kristen claimed that Child Protective Services did nothing, and that the man in question beat her and “impeached” her breathing and didn’t get arrested. Kristen ranted on Facebook, wondering how a man could get away with abuse twice.

According to Heavy, 28-year-old Kristen hails from San Angelo, Texas, but is now being held in jail on a burglary count as Abilene authorities try and determine the fate of her ex-boyfriend, Eric Torrez. Evidence shows that Torrez was the “victim of a homicide,” according to a report from the Facebook page of the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office.

“At this time, Eric Torrez has not been located. Evidence collected at the residence of Jennings and information obtained through interviews and interrogations indicate Eric Torres [sic] is the victim of a homicide.”

As reported by KTXS-TV, Stephen Lynn Jennings, Kristen’s husband, was also arrested, along with her father-in-law, Garry Lynn Jennings. Both men were charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence in the wake of Eric’s disappearance.

As reported by the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office, the public is being asked for their help in providing any information on the whereabouts of Torrez. A photo of a truck similar to the one that Torrez was last seen driving, a gray 2008 Ford F-150 pickup truck with a Texas license plate AL28071, was posted to the website. Eric was last known to be in the northern part of Tom Green County, on Friday, July 21, two days after Kristen posted her Facebook rant.


Jennings claimed on Facebook that Torrez kept their daughter away from Kristen. According to Heavy, Tom Green County court records show that Kristen and Eric were involved in an ongoing child custody case.

[Featured Image by Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office]