‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Might Begin Production This February

A recent casting call may have revealed when the sequel to the summer box office hit The Amazing Spider-Man is to begin production, according to Geek Tyrant.

Since director Marc Web’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is getting closer to fruition, casting calls are being sent out to various agencies. The folks at On Location Vacation managed to get their hands on a slice of info that gives a bit of insight into the movie’s production schedule.

Here’s what the casting call had to say about the flick:

“Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking: SAG-AFTRA Caucasian Female, 18-20s age range, approximately 5’7-5’9, very slim, reddish hair. This is for Stand In work for Shailene Woodley for a Camera Test. If selected you may be asked to stand in for her the entire film, February- July.”

As you may already know, Shailene Woodley has been tapped to play Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming sequel to the recent superhero epic. Stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are reportedly coming back to reprise their respective roles.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Django Unchained star Jamie Foxx has signed on to play Electro in the upcoming sequel. Dane Dehann will tackle the role of Harry Osborn in Webb’s project.

According to Cinema Blend, actor Martin Sheen recently revealed that he would be returning as Uncle Ben in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

“Well, they called me back. I don’t know what the part’s going to be, but I’m going to be Uncle Ben once again in ‘Spider-Man’ next year,” the actor said.

It’s currently unknown in what capacity Sheen’s character will return. Given what happened to the poor guy in the previous film, it will be interesting to see how Webb works this into the storyline.

If all goes according to plan, then The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is likely to begin production this February. The film is slated to arrive in theaters on May 2, 2014.