Kate Middleton’s Dress Stuns At Ypres, Kate And Queen Of Belgium Both Carry Clutch Bags For The Same Reason

Kate Middleton always shows impeccable fashion sense for her many public appearances as a senior member of the royal family. When Kate and Prince William attended the Last Post ceremony at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Ypres Memorial on July 30 in Ypres, Belgium, Kate chose the perfect outfit for the somber occasion.

Rather than showing up in one of her crowd-pleasing, flowery, summer dresses, Kate Middleton wore a creamy white Alexander McQueen dress and matching hat.

Standing between Prince William and British Prime Minister Theresa May, both in blue suits, the Duchess of Cambridge in her all-white outfit made a peaceful focus for the handpicked crowd of 4,000 who came to hear Prince William speak.

In stark contrast to Kate’s light look, Prince William wore a dark blue suit and his military medals, while May chose a blue jacket over a black dress.

The Mirror wrote that blue was the color of choice for several other dignitaries at the Battle of Passchendaele commemoration, including Queen Mathilde of Belgium, who chose a quiet shade of blue accented with lace. When Kate Middleton and the Queen of Belgium stood together chatting, they presented a perfect picture of royalty at work.

Kate Middleton with Koningin Mathilde, Queen of Belgium.
Kate Middleton with Koningin Mathilde, Queen of Belgium. [Image by Arthur Edwards/The Sun London/Getty Images]

Kate Middleton’s clever dress sense made her stand out without taking the attention away from the speakers or the tragic focus of the event. Nearly 54,000 British soldiers did not return home from the first world war British assault on Passchendaele and the ensuing heavy fighting in the summer and autumn of 1917.

Among the crowd of 4,000, there were 200 descendants of those who were on the front lines of the world-changing battle. Prince William spoke about the closeness of Britain and Belgium both during the war and today, possibly in a reference to the need for cooperation as Brexit negotiations grow ever more complex.

“During the first world war, Britain and Belgium stood shoulder to shoulder,” he said. “One hundred years on, we still stand together.”

Royal fashion devotees may have noticed that Kate Middleton’s dress at Charlotte’s christening was very similar to the dress she wore to attend the commemoration with the Queen of Belgium. In fact, it was the exact same outfit that Middleton chose for Charlotte’s christening.

Middleton is known to frequently choose old favorites, and the choice of a dress worn to a royal christening was especially poignant as she stood with Queen Mathilde to remember the dead soldiers of a hundred years ago.

On the fashion front, many also noted that Kate Middleton and the Queen of Belgium, both carried clutch purses. Kate always has a coordinated clutch with her on official engagements, even for an event like the Ypres commemoration, which was not focused on fashion.

According to the Express, the duchess uses the bag to shield herself from unwanted handshaking. She holds it in both hands in front of her body when there is a risk that someone may attempt to shake hands without permission.

Kate Middleton, Prince William, King Philipe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium.
Kate Middleton, Prince William, King Philipe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Both Kate Middleton and the Queen of Belgium followed royal etiquette by avoiding holding their bags under one arm as they walked and chatted. The clutch must always be held in one or both hands.

[Featured Image by Leon Neal/Getty Images]