‘The Queen’ Not About Queen Elizabeth, But TV Show Rivals ‘The Crown’ In Ratings

Right now, when people search online for “the queen,” they could be looking for information about the Queens of the South television show… and not news about Queen Elizabeth or the Netflix series about her early life called The Crown.

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the oldest-reigning royals on record, and her fans are quick to show their loyalty — even if it is a version of Her Majesty that has been fictionalized for television. For example, almost half-a-million of her fans are turning out for the Netflix adaptation about the life of Queen Elizabeth called The Crown.

Outside of The Crown, there are other TV shows about royalty such as Blood and Oil, Reign, and a TV show about another one of Queen Elizabeth’s relatives called Victoria.

Season 1 and Season 2 of The Crown are drawing a lot of attention because they are based on Queen Elizabeth’s ascent to the throne, and this was also a time period when the ideas about women’s roles in Western society were dramatically changing after World War II.

Queen Elizabeth fans might be quick to defend her popularity, but viewer data provided by Netflix about Season 1 of The Crown shows that the story about Her Majesty is not necessarily the most-viewed of all current television shows that focus on “the queen.”

For example, another queen-themed show is Queen of the South. According to a September 2016 report from Deadline, when Queen of the South was renewed for Season 2, USA Network cited the 2.26 total viewers in Live+7 and a number one ranking in Prime as their key reasons to keep the show alive.

Unfortunately, The Crown is also not the most popular show on television on Netflix according to their views totals, and it can be difficult to cross-compare the statistics for other queen-related shows on other websites because they use different data mining companies.

Queen Elizabeth is a celebrity because she is also a powerful woman in power.
Queen Elizabeth is a popular figure in pop culture but she has ruled in a way many respect and admire during a transitional time in the worldwide women’s rights movement. [Image by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images]

For example, Business Insider pointed out that another Netflix series for the Gilmore Girls revival was a rival for The Crown with almost 5 million viewers as opposed to 590,000 American viewers for the adaptation about Her Majesty.

Thankfully, the current show about Queen Elizabeth’s life will still have time to top the TV charts in America because Season 2 of The Crown is in the works and will air on Netflix in November.

While The Crown is about Queen Elizabeth in the early part of her rule as queen, Season 3 will not include Claire Foy because it will focus on Queen Elizabeth at middle age, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

What might be interesting to fans is to see a Season 5 or Season 6 of The Crown that shows the light-hearted side Queen Elizabeth started to share with press after age 80.

For instance, Queen Elizabeth recent news reports Her Majesty has a catchy music playlist she recently put together. Adding to the humor, Queen Elizabeth said her favorite song was “Dancing Queen” by Abba, according to Paper Mag.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Queen Elizabeth is also well-known for being an animal lover and has a fleet of Corgis at her side in almost every photo, according to Metro.

Queen Elizabeth owns a lot of pets.
A television show about Queen Elizabeth’s life might focus on her love of animals and her large number of pets. [Image by Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images]

Alternatively, Queen Elizabeth might be at the center of many humorous headlines in July 2017, but updates about her life also include how she is still redefining the role of women — and Queen Elizabeth is still putting British women in charge in key power positions.

While she might be prone to enjoying life in her old age in front of the press, Queen Elizabeth will leave behind a serious feminist legacy. For instance, recent news about Queen Elizabeth includes approving the first female lawyer as Britain’s top judge.

According to Business Standard, Baroness Hale, age 72, became President of Britain’s Supreme Court. The British Supreme Court was established in 2009, and, as acting president, Lady Hale will officially be the highest-ranking judge in all of Britain when she is sworn in on October 2.

[Feature Image by Peter Nicholls/WPA Pool/Getty Images]