NBA Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns Want Kyrie Irving, But Unwilling To Part With Josh Jackson

Offers for Cleveland Cavaliers’ star Kyrie Irving are coming in. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, six teams have submitted offers for Kyrie Irving. Those teams which have submitted proposals include the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs and the Phoenix Suns.

Each team has something that would inspire the Cavaliers to trade Kyrie Irving to them, however only two teams could meet Cleveland’s complete asking price. The Minnesota Timberwolves and Phoenix Suns are the two teams which can provide what the Cavaliers deem as legitimate offers for Irving.

In the Suns’ case, they have everything the Cavaliers want — a legitimate starter, young up and coming talent, and draft picks. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that the Cavaliers and Suns are negotiating a trade which would send Kyrie Irving to Phoenix.

For the Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving, the Suns would have to part ways with guard Eric Bledsoe and at least one draft pick. The assumed sticking point are guards Devin Booker and Josh Jackson.

To trade Kyrie Irving to the Phoenix Suns the Cleveland Cavaliers want either Devin Booker or Josh Jackson. At the moment the Suns are unwilling to give up either of them.

Josh Jackson fights for a loose ball.
The Phoenix Suns are unwilling to part with rookie Josh Jackson in a trade for the Cleveland Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

The Cavaliers attempts to acquire the Suns’ Devin Booker in a deal for Kyrie Irving will go for naught. The Suns view Booker as a future star. Last March, Booker became the youngest player to score 70 points (courtesy of Bleacher Report). He is entering his third NBA season, with a ton of untapped potential.

Barring a trade for the Cavaliers’ LeBron James, the likelihood of the Suns dealing Devin Booker to the Cavaliers is slim. In an effort to get Kyrie Irving, the Suns may have to relinquish Josh Jackson to the Cavaliers.

From the aforementioned Cleveland Plain Dealer report, the Suns have not been willing to do so. In order to get back a generational type of talent like Kyrie Irving, the Suns’ front office could change their minds.

Having Kyrie Irving could be good enough to propel a team to the NBA playoffs. Is getting one of the league’s top 10 players in Irving worth giving up Josh Jackson?


The idea of having Kyrie Irving and Devin Booker in the same backcourt has been on the minds of the Suns’ brass since Irving’s trade request (courtesy of ESPN) went public. NBA trade rumors regarding the Suns’ interest in conducting a trade for the Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving, or facilitating an Irving deal (courtesy of CSN New England) have run rampant for over a week.

Josh Jackson has the potential to be a good all-around NBA player. Jackson’s assumed ceiling is not viewed to be as high as Kyrie Irving’s, yet his ability as a defender is enough reason for the Suns to take a pause. Kyrie Irving is not the defensive player as Josh Jackson is projected to be, but Irving is a hall of fame talent.

The Suns need defensive players. Losing Josh Jackson for Kyrie Irving would be a sacrifice of defense for offense, but Irving could be the difference in future title contention for the Suns. It is something the Suns are pondering during their trade negotiations with the Cavaliers.

Despite Kyrie Irving’s trade request the Cavaliers do not seem to be shopping him. As of now the Cavaliers are only entertaining offers for Irving.

To trade Kyrie Irving the Cleveland Cavaliers want a legitimate starter, a player on the cusp, and a draft pick or two. The Phoenix Suns can offer what the Cavaliers want for Irving. If they have a change of heart and part with Josh Jackson they will win the Kyrie Irving sweepstakes.

[Featured Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]