On ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Has GG Started A Feud With Janice Dickinson?

Fans of Shahs of Sunset shouldn’t expect that GG would change overnight, because, on tonight’s episode of Shahs, Golnesa isn’t mixing it up with another cast member, but she is losing her temper. It seems that “the world’s first supermodel” Janice Dickinson is crossing GG’s path and ticking her off, and GG won’t be turning the other cheek at a fashion show for L.A. Fashion Week.

Golnesa started this season of Shahs of Sunset intent on convincing everyone that she had made a big change, but fans like the cast, are taking a wait and see stance. In the past, GG’s temper combined with alcohol and medication made her erratic and sometimes violent. Almost any party or get together was likely going to end with GG drinking too much and picking a fight that might end in a brawl.

At a white party for Asifa’s birthday, GG started a fight and wiped cake on Asifa’s dress.

“You put your hands on me? Take a swim. Girl bye. You think you’re going to touch me and get away with it?”

And that fight was minor in comparison to the falling out she had with Shahs star Resa where the two stopped talking when GG spread a rumor about Resa cheating on Adam.

But tonight’s Shahs of Sunset will have GG having a difference of opinion at L.A. Fashion Week with Janice Dickinson, and Golnesa is not backing down. It seems the sequined romper GG was supposed to wear is lifted by Janice Dickinson, 62, and GG wants it back. Reza Farahan and Shervin Roohparvar joined GG at the event to support her, but both men know what happens when Golnesa loses it.

But before the conflict, Shervin is enjoying himself, poking around and meeting the other models.

“I just walked into this room and there’s nothing but naked models running around. It’s so awesome.”

GG is looking for the sequined romper, which is not in the dressing room, and then sees it on Dickinson.

“I’m supposed to wear that outfit.”

Eric, the event coordinator tells GG he will find her something better to wear, but she isn’t having it.

“No, you can find that old ass b**ch something else.”

Later in the confessional, GG ponders how Janice Dickinson can still participate in such an event, throwing shade at Dickinson’s age.

“I thought this b**ch died out with the Flintstones. I don’t even know how she’s able to walk right now, let alone walk a runway, let alone walk the runway wearing that outfit I’m supposed to be wearing?!”

But GG has bigger problems than “Who wore it better” on this season of Shahs of Sunset. Golnesa’s quickie marriage with husband Shalom ended in about a month, and now Shalom won’t sign the divorce papers. And a source close to GG says that Shalom is just refusing to sign the papers to mess with the Shahs star.

“There are no issues about spousal support, assets or those typical divorce things at all. He is not asking for anything. What he’s basically doing is tormenting her. He’s not signing just to give her a hard time.”


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If Shalom signs the papers, things will be over quickly, but if he doesn’t, it could drag out for a while, and then GG would get a default divorce.

“He just keeps saying he’s going to sign, then he doesn’t sign. He’s trying to drag it out and prevent her from moving on.”

Will you watch GG take on Janice Dickinson on tonight’s Shahs of Sunset?

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