Naked Bank Robber Runs Down City Street Throwing Stolen Money At People In Florida [Video]

The cops couldn’t believe what they were seeing when they showed up at the scene of a Fort Lauderdale bank robbery. There was a naked man running through the streets throwing the money he just robbed at the Florida bank.

When police arrived, one officer who said he couldn’t believe his eyes turned to a woman spectator and asked if the man that just ran by was naked. She calming confirmed the man was indeed naked.

Alexander Sperber, 25, got a rude awakening after he robbed a bank and then tossed the stolen money along the street for anyone to pick up. He thought this would just jump start his career as a comedian, but that just wasn’t the case, according to NWF Daily News.

Police charged Sperber with bank robbery. Because this bank robbery was a bit more bizarre than others, police had Sperber checked out at a local hospital where doctors found him “coherent” and “uninjured.” Apparently, it wasn’t a psychotic break that caused his antics, just a desire to become a well-known comedian.

According to the Sun Sentinel, Sperber stripped down buck naked and ran down Las Olas Boulevard tossing money. The FBI reported that not only did he rob the bank, but he made a bigger spectacle by running down the street without a stitch of clothing on “throwing stolen money to people.”

It was around 3 p.m. when Sperber parked his red Ford Mustang on 100 SE Third Ave, near the Regions Bank branch. He walked into the branch and approached a teller with his index finger extended. This looked as if he was conveying to the teller that he had a gun. He then claimed he had a gun and threatened to hurt her, along with others if he didn’t get what he wanted.

Sperber carried a bag with him into the bank and he handed it to the teller, who filled the bag, with just a little under $5,000 dollars. Unbeknownst to Sperber, there was a red dye pack within the stolen cash the teller had put in the bag and that exploded.

Bank robber gets naked and throws stolen cash at people running down city street in Florida
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The would-be-comedian bank robber was now all covered with red dye. This is when he stripped and ran down the street like a naked Robin Hood throwing money to passersby. The police apprehended the naked bank robber near 800 NE Fourth Street. They transported him to Broward Health Medical Center, where the medical professionals found him “conscious, coherent and uninjured.” He was charged with one-count of bank robbery.

While talking to an FBI agent, Sperber told him that when he woke up that morning, he thought he’d go rob a bank, strip naked and flee while tossing the money to people. He planned this with the hopes of beginning his career as a comedian. He was sadly mistaken, which is what he learned from law enforcement officers once he was apprehended.

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